If you have followed THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE with any regularity since its inception in 2013, you will know we have been hard at work producing top-notch content and design for a daily website and quarterly magazine. We produce this content with an eye to our mission, which is articulate and defend conservative principles on campus at the University of Georgia. Read our statement of purpose here.

In addition to our influential magazine editions, our website is updated with new content from right-of-center college students almost every weekday. Their diverse offerings include commentary on campus, state, national and international issues of importance. A sampling:

  • The Editors’ offered their take on the Student Government Association’s resolution regarding gender-neutral bathrooms: “THE EDITORS: Regarding Resolution 26-07
  • Publisher Elizabeth Ridgeway considered the timeless themes found in Cervantes’ classic, Don Quixote. “Beautiful Commonalities
  • Ryan Slauer, one of our in-house classics devotees, wrote persuasively of Scientism’s shortcomings. “Against Scientific Hubris
  • Sophie Giberga wrote of the ethical imperative of school choice. “Choosing to Thrive

And many others besides.

We have accomplished much since fall of 2013, but there is still more we hope to accomplish. In particular, we hope to expand the size of our print runs for the magazine and begin distributing hard copies on campus.

We would like to enlist your help to make this possible. If you like what you see from THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, please consider contributing financially by clicking the button at the top of the page, or mailing a check to the following address:

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Thanks to readers and contributors both for making this enterprise possible.

Raising the Standard,

The Editors