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A book published in 1964, which received much attention, called “Danger on the Right” spelled out the “dangers” of the “extreme Conservatives” among the Goldwater Right, e.g., William F. Buckley Jr. This column is devoted to proving the opposite.

The Left’s Great Venezuelan Escape

The lesson here is that it twofold. First, we cannot let pass a sound analysis of the policies that brought Venezuela to its current economic state. Much if not all of what certain Western politicians promise runs analogous if not identical to that of Chavez’s, which Maduro has been apt to continue.

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‘White Privilege:’ A Barrier to Genuine Discussion

White privilege serves no purpose but to further politicize an already-too-tribalistic and polarized political atmosphere. Instead of fanning the flames of identity politics, we should take a sober look at the data available on racial class structure in the United States, and foster a genuine discussion about how to mend the trends to which those on the Left all-too-often blame on the mystical notion of ‘white privilege.’

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