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Our Staff

Ross Dubberly, Editor in Chief

Political Science & Economics; Class of 2018

Political Culture & Philosophy, William F. Buckley 

Reed Ferguson, Executive Editor

Economics; Class of 2019

Blogging, Conservatism, Culture

J. Thomas Perdue, Associate Editor

Journalism; Class of 2019

History, Political Culture, Georgia Football

Boris A. Abreu, Publishing Editor

Political Science, International Affairs; Class of 2019

National Security, International Relations, Astronomy

Connor Foarde, Campus News Editor

Journalism; Class of 2019

Campus Free Speech, New Media, Radiohead 

Ian LaCroix, Online Editor

Class of 2020

Local News, Georgia Politics, Laws & Regulations


Nick Geeslin, Book Editor

International Affairs; Class of 2018

Political Philosophy, Individual Liberty, Podcasting, Cars


Sarah Montgomery, Manager

Marketing; Class of 2019

Political Philosophy, Marketing, Podcasting

Logan North, Business Manager

Business; Class of 2020

Economics, Stocks & Markets, Softball


Mallory Traylor, Creative Coordinator

Graphic Design; Class of 2017

Graphic Design, Enduring Adobe InDesign


Assistant Editors


Andrew Logan Lawrence, Assistant Editor

Marketing; Class of 2019

National Politics, Student Government, Political Culture



M. Blake Seitz, 2013—2014

John Henry Thompson, 2014—2015

Elizabeth Ridgeway, 2015—2016

Connor Kitchings, 2016

Nick Geeslin, 2016-2017

Ross Dubberly, 2018-Present