THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE is a quarterly journal of opinion serving the University of Georgia. Founded in the fall of 2013, it articulates the tenets of a thought tradition that is neglected on campus. To this end, its pages are devoted to well-written, well-researched views on current events, philosophy, history, theology and culture.

The editorial voice of the publication is conservative in the fusionist sense, although content is welcome from many corners of the right. Our fundamental beliefs are laid down in THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE’s inaugural editorial, accessible here. They are as follows:

  • That there exists an enduring moral order. That a healthy respect for traditional beliefs is prudent, as they represent the accumulated wisdom of history.
  • That free markets enable human flourishing, contribute to the general welfare and safeguard liberty.
  • That individual rights are imperative and, unacceptably, not available to millions around the world. That free nations are obligated to oppose, by force of arms when justified, the designs of tyrants.
  • That ultimately the great experiences of life are outside the realm of politics, and cannot be manufactured by government.

Our Name

The name, THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, reflects the values and editorial style of the publication.

The Arch is the symbol of the University of Georgia; it also features prominently in the state seal. The pillars of the Arch represent the values Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.

Arch (prefix): Preeminent of its kind.

Arch (adj.): Deliberately or affectedly playful and teasing.

Our Motto

The motto, Raising the Standard, reflects the goals of the publication: to unify the right and contribute to the political discourse on campus. Raising the Standard is a paraphrase of advice given by professor Harvey Mansfield to a conservative colleague: that once he was granted tenure, he should “hoist the Jolly Roger.”

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