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From The Editors’ Desk: The Most Trusted Shame in News

The world watched intently last Friday as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games began in PyeongChang, South Korea. As athletes from around the world marched into the tiny PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, the childlike excitement that the games bring to so many reemerged. This tradition allows humans from all nations to utilize their God-given talents to not only exceed their potential in ways that they may not have known were possible, but also to bring honor and glory to their nations. And all the while, the rest of us watch; permitted, for a brief moment, to forget about the problems and conflicts facing nations, we bask in the unifying experience that sports so generously affords us. Indeed, truly marvellous is this biennial celebration of international cooperation and unparalleled athleticism.


The opening ceremony had not been long completed, however, when CNN’s coverage so undiplomatically shook us from our unpoliticized reverie. We were assaulted with what can only be characterized as a shameful attempt to glamourize the delegates from that backward dystopia, North Korea. CNN published an article entitled “Kim Jong Un’s Sister is Stealing the Show at the Winter Olympics,” an oleaginous, swooning profile of Kim Yo Jong, the 30-year-old sister of the authoritarian North Korean leader. Describing Kim Yo Jong as a powerful member of the North Korean government, the article goes on to portray her as a “foil to the perception of North Korea as antiquated and militaristic,” and even went so far as to compare her to Ivanka Trump.


And, of course, there was no chance whatsoever that CNN would forget to mention the “warm message” left by KIm Yo Jong in the South Korean presidential guest book. “I hope Pyongyang and Seoul get closer in our people’s hearts and move forward the future of prosperous unification,” the note read in part. How lovely. Only about halfway through the article do the cavalier authors casually remind readers that Kim Yo Jong’s brother is, as it happens, a despotic authoritarian at the helm of a benighted, brutal regime.


Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, CNN was not the only mainstream news outlet to publish such obsequious claptrap. Reuters, for instance, ran an article entitled “North Korea Heads for Diplomacy Gold Medal at Olympics,” which criticized, albeit ever so subtly, Vice President Mike Pence for remaining seated during the Korean national anthem. Oh, how rich the irony. Our media lauds multi-millionaire athletes who kneel for the national anthem of the greatest country in the history of humanity but scoffs at the sight of the vice president refusing to stand for the anthem of a country ruled by a regime that starves its own people to death. Those in the media are moral idiots in the strictest sense of the term.


Time also published a piece describing Pence’s move as an “effort to keep North Korea from stealing the show” which they also claimed failed. ABC News put out a cheerful portrait of the 200 female members of the North Korean cheer squad, noting that their matching outfits and enthusiastic synchronicity (like CNN said of Kim Yo Jong) “stole the show”. Dazzling as their performance may seem, the stark reality that these women face is inevitable imprisonment if they make one wrong move. Hardly any news outlets bothered to remind viewers that 21 members of the North Korean cheer squad were imprisoned after speaking off script about their experience at an international sporting event in South Korea in 2005.


What could have possibly driven these journalists to overlook the grim brutality of the Kim regime for the sake of pieces aimed at painting North Korea as the charming, unification-bound, diplomatic champions of the Winter Olympic Games? Let us be clear: peaceful, democratic unification of the Koreas is a pipe dream. Any talks of reunification by the North are solely based on the precondition that the Kim Dynasty would continue to rule a unified Korea with an iron fist. It is therefore, irrelevant that Kim Jong Un’s sister left a “warm note’ in the South Korean presidential guestbook, as the aforementioned CNN article aptly points out. It is nothing more than a political sham.


Maybe it is because these journalists are so contemptuous of our current administration that they feel the need to portray North Korea as a sort of underdog pitted against a warmongering nation led by a bigoted tyrant. If that is the case, then another important question arises; what does this petty and spiteful behavior actually achieve, other than alienating the general public further from truth? The fact that these pieces made it across editor’s desks at these well-respected news organizations affirms the distrust in media held by so many Americans.


As we continue to raise the standard of idea exchange and discourse here at The Arch Conservative, we must always recognize that the evil in the world must be universally and consistently condemned for what it is. We must impart the actuality on our readers that the rigid elegance of Kim Jong Un’s family members or the stunning coordination of the North Korean cheerleaders is just the regime’s propaganda at work. We must remind the world that the North Korean athletes will return home in victory or failure to an unparalleled mortal hell, the depth of which many of us cannot even imagine. After this past weekend of embarrassing journalism from supposedly trusted names in news, this task has become more important than ever.


In freedom,


The Editors  


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