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From the Editors’ Desk: Why We Don’t March

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“Womanhood, to the Left, is an ideology–one that rejects individualism, family, faith, and freedom.”

On the anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March took to the streets of Washington, D.C., and other major cities around the country to campaign for “women’s rights.” Which women’s rights, you ask? Well, the right to force other people to pay for their birth control, of course. (And this “birth control” also includes abortion-on-demand, up until the very moment of birth.) Then, of course, there are the rights to nationalized healthcare, DACA, Net Neutrality, and all the other “rights” hallowed in the furthest left wing of the modern Democratic Party.

The Women’s March isn’t about women. It’s about ideology. It is Leftism masquerading as women’s rights. And The Arch Conservative rejects it.

The Women’s March collectivizes women. According to these ideologues, a woman must agree with them politically in order to be considered a real woman. In other words, to be a woman, one must stand on the side of abortion, of State-controlled Internet, of illegal immigration, of strict gun control, of nationalized healthcare, etc. (According to one of the March’s leading organizers, Linda Sarsour, a real woman  also can’t be a Zionist.) The Women’s March’s website lists a set of “Unity Principles.” Among them: “reproductive rights,” “LGBTQIA rights,” “environmental justice,” and “workers’ rights.”

But more than half of the women in the United States do not agree with these so-called “Unity Principles.” In fact, only a dismal 23 percent of women call themselves “feminists.” What’s more, 42 percent of female voters voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, not Hillary Clinton. And despite the Women’s March’s insistence that the pro-life movement consists only of men who want to control women’s bodies, the debate on abortion, as it happens, is not, statistically, one significantly dividing men and women. According to Pew Research, 42 percent of men believe abortion should be illegal in most or all cases. 38 percent of women believe the same.

And not one of these women is welcome at the Women’s March.

If a woman dares march out of lockstep with the Left, no longer is she considered a woman, because no longer is womanhood an element of biology. Womanhood, to the Left, is an ideology–one that rejects individualism, family, faith, and freedom.

Nevertheless, we at The Arch Conservative affirm the value and dignity of every human life; and for that, we will be ostracized from this new “women’s rights” movement. We affirm the principles enshrined in the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence; and because of it, we will be called “anti-woman.” We believe in an eternal moral order that antedates the whims and frivolous philosophies of men; and in spite of that, we will be vilified.

And it is for these reasons, dear readers, that we at The Arch Conservative do not march.

In Freedom,
The Editors

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