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From The Editors’ Desk: Welcome Back!

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The Arch Conservative would like to welcome everyone back to campus.

On behalf of The Arch Conservative: Welcome back to campus, readers! We hope that everyone had a happy, safe, and leisurely Christmas break. But–fortunately or unfortunately depending on your disposition–back to school it is. And for us at The Arch Conservative, that means back to bringing you the best conservative commentary on campus.

But before that, we should like to make readers aware of a few recent changes to the makeup of our editorial team.

In the first place, as  you are all probably aware by now, Nick Geeslin has stepped down from his role as Editor in Chief. Nick’s tenure as Editor in Chief was one that took The Arch Conservative to the next level. Nick brought vigor, a serious intellect, and a work ethic that future editors, and especially future Editors in Chief, would do well to emulate. Thankfully, however, Nick is not leaving us altogether. Ross Dubberly will now be assuming the role of Editor in Chief, and Nick will henceforth be The Arch Conservative’s Book Editor.

Additionally, the editorial board is pleased to announce two new editorial positions and three new editorial members. Reed Ferguson will be the publication’s first Executive Editor. Ian LaCroix will be the publication’s first Online Editor. And last but not least, Logan Lawrence will take over as the magazine’s sole Assistant Editor. We are excited to bring these individuals on board, as we know that they are only going to make our publication stronger and more scintillating.

All of these editorial additions and adjustments notwithstanding, The Arch Conservative remains committed to bringing readers the best conservative content and commentary on campus. We intend to honor our publication’s founding motto, namely, to raise the standard–in all arenas and in all forms of political discourse here at UGA.

With respect to The Arch Conservative’s regular content (e.g., columns and podcasts), readers will continue see (and hear) familiar material this semester. Ross Dubberly will continue his “Danger on the Left” column and will soon begin to host the “Weekly” podcast. J. Thomas Perdue will continue to host “The Marketplace,” a crowd favorite. And Nick Geeslin, finally, will take over the “Deeper Look” podcast. Despite the alterations in routine, this semester shall produce edifying and elevated new material, just as we always have. And should you like to be involved in that new content, i.e., should you be interested in writing for The Arch Conservative, contact archconuga@gmail.com for further information.

In closing, we wish you all the best in your upcoming semester, and we hope that you find this new chapter of The Arch Conservative as informative and pleasurable as you have in the magazine’s most prestigious past. And, finally, we hope that your zeal for conservative commentary and thought has not diminished over the long Christmas break. We know ours certainly hasn’t. Our commitment to advancing the Conservative Movement through the power of the written word persists as strong as ever.

In freedom,

The Editors

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