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What Happened? Well, Ya Lost…

Hillary Clinton inspiring all.
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Since what is arguably the greatest upset in modern American political history, senior Democratic party leader Hillary Clinton is scornfully baffled at her defeat, now spending her days signing overpriced copies of her diary of political diatribe, naively entitled, What Happened.

Human nature, in situations that we consider to be unjust or emotionally displeasing, compels us to assign blame for our conditions, even when our failures can be traced back to our own faults. Ever since a silent majority of 62,984,825 American men and women took back our nation on November 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for distributing blame for her loss. She has unapologetically blamed her loss on a long list of people, places, and things including, but not limited to: Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, former Vice President Joe Biden, James Comey, Vladimir Putin, former President Barack Obama, former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and even the New York Times.

Clinton’s long list of aggressors makes her a worthy model for Hasbro Games’ collectors’ edition of Clue. “Was it Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the Library with the bleach and the cellphones?” “Was it Donna Brazile in the kitchen with the CNN debate questions?” After attacking well over a dozen individuals and organizations, Clinton has more recently directed her frustration for her loss in November toward the Electoral College, a constitutional mandate that is outlined in Article 1, Section II, Clause III, of the United States Constitution. For those who may be confused as to how Mrs. Clinton single-handedly engendered her own failure, allow me to indulge you with a brief synopsis of why the dreams of a scorned woman were never brought to fruition:

1. Clinton was strategically weak. She neglected key battleground states during the final months of the campaign (i.e. Michigan and Wisconsin). Indeed, it was this very neglect that delivered the initial blows to the “Blue Wall” that Donald Trump so effortlessly dismantled on election night.

2. She explicitly and excessively used contemptuous words like “deplorable” to describe those that didn’t align themselves with her platform. For a woman campaigning for the highest office in the land, one would think that Mrs. Clinton would exhibit more respect for the right to think freely.

3. The American people simply could not trust her. Under Mrs. Clinton’s authority as Secretary of State, there were several instances where the State Department refuted the notion that Hillary was working on a private server, or that her inbox contained emails linked to Benghazi. On more than one occasion, Mrs. Clinton claimed that she possessed no classified information on her private email server. She later changed her tone regarding the matter, admitting during a 2015 United Nations news conference that she did indeed make negligent use of her email privileges. She claimed, however, that she combined the two servers merely for matters of convenience. The American people later discovered that Secretary Clinton set up the insecure server in order to raise money for The Clinton Foundation, a questionable “charitable” organization that Clinton seemingly used to pool monetary campaign resources and to fund her daughter Chelsea’s lavish wedding. By establishing her privately held “charity,” and making use of the private server, Secretary Clinton was exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests, which would have exposed her unethical behavior while Secretary of State. All of this was made possible with the help of her aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

4. Mrs. Clinton’s hypocrisy was mind-numbing. How could the individual responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi possibly claim that Donald Trump posed an imminent threat to the safety of this country?Under Secretary Clinton’s watch, the State Department repeatedly refused to grant Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, USFS Officer Sean Smith, and CIA Contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty the additional security that they so ardently requested. Due to Clinton’s neglect in granting these individuals’ requests, they are now dead. Moreover, following the attack, the American public was shocked to discover that Clinton outwardly blamed the heinous murders on backlash from “an online video” rather than radical Islamic terror.

Nevertheless, Clinton continues to make the same mistakes that cost her and the Democrats the 2016 election, and will continue to make the same mistakes that cost her and the Democrats the 2016 election, and will continue to cost the Democratic Party in the long haul. In her book, which at this point requires no introduction, Hillary wrote that the women who did not vote for her in 2016 are now living with the consequences of their actions. Moreover, she went on to write that she will not forgive them for the grave, reckless mistake of not choosing her to serve as president.

How can a woman whose “charitable” foundation and campaign raised millions of dollars in Saudi Arabia–a country which, to this day, continues to oppress women–possibly brand herself as an activist for women? At one point during the election, she claimed that “women who accuse men of sexual assault deserve to be believed.” Ironically, the Hillary Clinton that portrayed herself as a champion for women during the election is the same Hillary that publicly shamed Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Monica Lewinsky–women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct. The Hillary Clinton that strove to “break the glass ceiling” is the very same Hillary that was recorded laughing at 12-year old Kathy Shelton, a victim of rape, in a 1975 case where Clinton defended the alleged rapist.

Looking at the repertoire of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the American public is flabbergasted that former Director James Comey offered immunity deals to individuals connected with the Clinton Campaign as well as The Clinton Foundation, with what looks to have been no goal of building a legitimate case, or prosecuting guilty parties. In essence, Comey provided the suspicious parties, with which Clinton worked, protections from future prosecution. Do we not mind that James Comey drafted Clinton’s memorandum of exoneration weeks before seventeen witnesses and Clinton were ever questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee? Ironically, that very same exoneration memo contained the same verbiage used by former President Barack Obama and the Washington Post; both of whom affirmed Clinton’s innocence before the investigation was ever concluded. Both then President Barack Obama and the Washington Post fervently claimed that Secretary Clinton did not “maliciously intend to expose classified information.”

Why have we not extensively investigated James Comey, the former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who we now know drafted an exoneration memo for Clinton before said investigation was complete? When, in federal criminal investigations, did the destruction of critical evidence like laptops and cell phones cease to warrant further investigation, or even a second glance for that matter? The time is now for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open a federal criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation. We must impanel a grand jury, void the violated immunity deals issued to her band of cronies by James Comey, and see that justice is served.

The American people have yet to see the degree to which Hillary Clinton fabricated information and coldly calculated her triage of tricks. Until the current Administration rids itself] of Obama-era holdovers, the Deep State will continue to leak information, and the cycle of corruption in the “swamp” that President Trump so passionately aspired to drain will continue to follow the precedent set forth by the Clintons. And while we thought that after her belated concession speech, Hillary would retire to her luxurious Manhattan home, utterly disappearing from public life, you can now find her at your nearest Costco – signing books between the frozen pizzas and bleach (which she is well versed in the use of).

This piece was adapted from an article by the same name in the Fall of 2017 edition of The Arch Conservative in print. Grab a copy at our Tate or Main Library distribution boxes or subscribe by clicking the tab above.

Andrew Logan Lawrence is a regular contributor to The Arch Conservative.

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