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I’m With Her … Again?

Eyeing her next campaign … (photo courtesy C-SPAN during Benghazi hearings)

Bill Clinton has been campaigning in Presidential elections since 1988. Will he extend his presence to 2020? What are the odds of America matching 1974 Argentina? Who is desperate, she or the American electorate?

It’s 2017. In this era, the electorate is generally aware of the motivations of the politicians. While we support the politicians whom we believe have our interests in mind, it is common knowledge that political office benefits the politician as well. This is why a politician in 2017 (unlike in 1967, perhaps) would hesitate to re-run for President as a major-party candidate. After all, politicians care about their legacies and a graceful exit from the political realm is essential to a successful legacy.

If you are a fan of “House of Cards,” you might note the eerie resemblance between the Clintons and the Underwoods. In the show, President Frank Underwood’s game plan is to first declare he will not run for President. Following this move, he did everything an aspiring candidate would do. Similarly, she is engaged in book-tours, strategic media exposure, talks of grooming the next generation of Democrats, and trying to convince the electorate that the loss was not at all her fault. Taking all this into account, there are a surprising number of signs pointing to the possibility of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gearing up to run again.

We have heard enough of what happened. Here is what will happen if this is indeed the case.

2020 marks a special year. It is the centennial anniversary of universal suffrage for women in Presidential politics. Now, this is no doubt weighing on her mind. Her gut will likely be telling her that there is no better opportunity to incentivize Hillary’s relatively strong female base to come out to vote. Expect also the mainstream media to harp on about the significance of this event. However, many women who see that there are more capable women in the public and corporate sectors than someone who has not held public office since 2012 will understand that a third campaign from Hillary would be one motivated too substantially by megalomania.

Yes, it would be an awesome thing for a woman to become the President. But why should it be her? Are there no better candidates? Perhaps the right woman would emerge rather than a woman of the left. Perhaps someone emerges who injects a special flavor which transcends her gender identity rather than relying upon it.

If Hillary Clinton’s base believes that her scandals are all exposed and there will not be any new ones, beware! Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which operated in Sri Lanka is a proscribed terrorist group in the United States since October 1997. During President Bush (43)’s era, the U.S. had been providing significant military and information aid to the Sri Lankan government who were pursuing the definite military option to wipe out the terrorists. This was a significant alliance of the post-9/11 “War on Terror” as the innovations of the LTTE such as suicide bombings and air brigades had been employed by the Islamic terror groups.

The Clinton State Department put significant pressure to halt the Sri Lankan government’s military offensive. When it was unsuccessful and the war ended in May 2009, Secretary Clinton actively lobbied the member nations of the UNHCR to pass harsh resolutions condemning Sri Lanka and threatening punitive action citing war crimes. This marks not only siding with a proscribed terrorist group but also the alienation of a major American ally crucial to the Indian Ocean strategy. Sri Lanka would consequently abandon its longstanding non-alignment policy to pivot toward Russia and China. This was one of the many unattended scandals depicting HRC’s incompetence and unscrupulousness. Was there pay-to-play involved? It will be dug out and the spotlight will never vanish. The timeline remains to be seen.

The final nail in her coffin will once again be hit by the independents. Outside of the many other challenges faced by her in her Electoral College battle against Trump in 2016, it was her particular weakness in winning over the independents that cost her White House. There is a reason why they are called “Independents.” They think twice before siding with a candidate they, for example, might hesitate to have a beer with and to invite for a backyard BBQ.

Then there is the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to consider as well. Will they gather for a self-proclaimed centrist? From Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to Emmanuel Macron, those who are sensitive to politics have begun to realize that Centrism is nothing but a garment of political correctness to carrying out a globalist agenda at the expense of the very people they claim to represent.

Neither here nor there, dishonesty and populism are ingrained in the centrist politics. Now, that is a brand mark American people will never forget of Hillary Clinton. That is why she will be defeated, solidly once again, by President Trump if she ever runs against him.

Aravinda Karunaratne is a 1st year Graduate Student and Research Assistant at the Department of Public Administration & Policy. He is a new contributor to The Arch Conservative.

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