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FROM THE EDITORS: On The President and Puerto Rico

President Trump shakes hands with service members during his visit to storm-battered Puerto Rico. Image courtesy of US Department of Defense.

Georgia fans of all stripes had good reason to celebrate this week, as the hometown Atlanta Falcons are off to a solid start and Atlanta United, a first-year MLS expansion team, clinched a playoff spot in an unprecedented feat for a first-year team. But perhaps the biggest accomplishment came this past Saturday, when the Georgia Bulldogs stomped through Knoxville, Tennessee, demolishing the Volunteers on both sides of the football en-route to an incredible 41-0 shutout victory at Neyland Stadium. Behind stellar performances from veteran running back Nick Chubb, freshman standout Jake Fromm, and the ever-surprising Dawg defense, the Bulldogs showed that last year’s heartbreak loss was not taken lightly; the Dawgs had a bone to pick with the Volunteers.

First and foremost, we here at The Arch Conservative would like to express our utmost disgust for the barbaric act that occurred this past weekend in Las Vegas; the world remains in shock in the wake of the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, wherein 58 innocent people lost their lives at the hands of a murderous maniac. Sounds of petty partisanship regarding gun control most obviously resound. We would like to focus on the good, and there is plenty of it. Well-meaning prayers and thoughts abound from across the country. The Arch Conservative is among them.

The rough times for America did not abate at the federal level either. The past week has proven to be a rough one for the White House, for the federal government, and indeed for America in general. Amid intense criticism from outside groups and even from the President himself, HHS Secretary Tom Price resigned after records of his usage of private aircraft were made public and cost hardworking taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. The occurrence comes as a surprise given that Price had a fiscally conservative record as a member of Congress. As with most scandalous activity, this evidences the corrupting influence that power has on a great many. As of writing, the President has criticized his own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, for wanting to negotiate with Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean regime, a  situation rather disturbing considering that one of the Secretary of State’s leading roles is to work with international parties. Other accusations have floated around claiming that Mr. Tillerson called the President a “moron”, a claim the Department of State vehemently denies. As we have seen, truly, nothing can be taken for granted in the Trump White House.

Perhaps the most, shall we say, interesting occurrence of the past week came when the President decided to go after the “politically motivated ingrates” on Twitter in response to criticisms of his handling of the crisis currently affecting Puerto Rico. Readers, as you may well know, Puerto Rico, suffered a devastating direct hit from a Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 beast of a storm that tore through the island, leaving millions without power, shelter, or food. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this terrible storm, and today, we are all #PRStrong.

In light of this devastation, some have seen it fit to criticize the President for his handling of the crisis, something some have seen as appropriate considering the quick efforts in response to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Admittedly, the administration was rather slow to respond to the crisis in Puerto Rico, such as waiting to waive the Jones Act so that international aid may be given to Puerto Rico. However, the President has seen it appropriate to get into a political mudslinging match with the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, over her criticisms of his handling of the situation. Observers will be unsurprised at this recent spat, considering the President’s past attacks of his detractors, but in this case, the President is acting in a highly inappropriate manner by choosing to attack a woman who is trying to make sense of an incredibly messy scenario. Instead of making political hay out of this situation, the President should be actively in contact with her regarding relief and recovery efforts, instead of digging in his heels as he has done and pouring more fuel on the fire.

Rest assured, dear readers, while the government continues to stumble through yet another series of setbacks, the Editorial Board here at The Arch Conservative, has been hard at work preparing the fall release of our semester magazine, due to hit the distribution boxes on October the 11th. This newest edition promises to be one of our best yet, chock full of articles concerning everything from pop music to the politics of space, ever-thoughtful commentaries from some of our seasoned contributors, and a wave of fresh thought from a crop of new voices.  Furthermore, the editors have been hard at work restarting The Arch Conservative’s subscription services, where you (yes, you!) can get four high-gloss issues of independent thought delivered right to your door, as well as weekly updates, our favorite pieces of the week, and the editor’s picks for other reading. We here at The Arch Conservative wish everyone a wonderful (midterm) week and a happy autumn season, and will continue to provide our readers with high-quality independent thought.


Well wishes,


The Editors

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