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Brumby Hall Takes Down Anthem Protest Display

The day after the deadliest mass shooting in American history and at a time in which the country is enveloped in racial tension, a controversial emblem was spotted in Brumby Hall on the morning of Monday, October 1st. A poster bearing an upside-down American flag with the words, “Take A Knee…With Liberty And Justice For All,” emblazoned upon it was the main feature of a bulletin board by the main elevators in Brumby. The views that have been presented on this board in the past, as well as many others throughout the hall, are predominantly liberal. For example, “What is Privilege?” was one of the messages posted on the hall bulletin last year. Many students concurred that these banners are one-sided and do not display conservative points of view. The University Housing Twitter account even tweeted out a picture of the board featuring pictures of Colin Kaepernick and other presumably Leftist political statements posted on it supporting the protests and desecration of the flag. After receiving multiple student and parent complaints, Brumby Hall quietly took the banner down on Monday evening.

While University Housing has the right to use bulletin boards to display any message they want, it is alarming to see such pointed liberal propaganda being distributed without even presenting an opposing point of view. Instead of fostering a constructive dialogue on the anthem issue, the partisan message on the Brumby bulletin board alienated residents and angered parents, resulting in its removal. Perhaps if they choose to incorporate perspectives from students of all different political backgrounds, the next message the Brumby CAs display on the board will be more effective in starting a conversation.

Bennett Hardee is a new contributor to The Arch Conservative. He is a freshman studying political science.

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