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FROM THE EDITORS: A Week in Review

In a sense, the ringing of the victory bell is only partially appropriate, for conservatism’s merits on campus are hardly realized. Not indulging in small victories, however, is a recipe for insanity.

Week three was a significant one with respect to the conservative cause on campus, especially here at The Arch Conservative. Of course, even in the case that it wasn’t, the result of Saturday’s season opener at Sanford Stadium would have mediated it all.

Wednesday, UGA’s College Republicans Chapter held an event with Allen Peake, a Republican Member of the State House from Macon who is at the forefront of the movement to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Campus News Editor Connor Foarde was there to cover the story. The room was packed, and students had an hour’s-worth of questions and remained intrigued in the discussions that followed.

Representative Peake explained the hesitancy within the Republican Party to back anything related to marijuana, some for legitimate reasons, others more dubious. He called on students to urge gubernatorial candidates to take a stance on the issue. Coincidentally, the veteran Athenian politician and current gubernatorial candidate, Brian Kemp, will be College Republicans’ guest tonight at 6:30 in room 350 of the MLC.

During the past week, Book Editor Ross Dubberly found himself in a cordial spat with writers at the University’s century-old publication, The Red & Black, over an opinion piece by Jaime Conlan titled “OPINION: Stand for Charlottesville in Athens.” The piece offered some unifying rhetoric in light of the incidents in Charlottesville, but, as Ross explained in his retort titled “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Liberal left also to blame for divisive hatred,” the piece also made some unfair generalizations as well as hurled some indiscriminate accusations. Ross’s retort was concise and respectful, as always, but he did not have the last word. No, in fact, Maclane Hull composed a letter to the editor about Ross’s letter to the editor titled “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do not blame the left for the actions of the right.” In it, Hull does well to tease out one of the fundamental disagreements in the discussion (Trump’s lack of specific denouncement of the alt-right), but chooses to argue the claim by pointing to the country’s “being founded on white supremacy” as evidence. Hull’s piece was relatively solid overall, though written in a less respectful and more reactionary manner. The thread is a worthwhile read and a great representation of thoughtful disruption of what is often an echo chamber of an opinion page over at The Red & Black.  

Lastly, The Arch Conservative’s Podcast series, we are pleased to report, keeps on truckin’ along with the release of the inaugural episode of ‘Deeper Look’ two weeks ago and the inaugural episode of ‘The Marketplace’ last week. The ‘Deeper Look’ crew investigated the topic of religion and the state while ‘The Marketplace’ hosted an exhaustive debate on the death penalty. These podcasts will be released biweekly, which will give listeners with one new podcast per week in addition to an episode of the ‘Weekly’ podcast every week.

On that note, the ‘Weekly’ podcast returned last week and offered an update on the publication as well as a discussion about the removal of the Confederate memorial on Broad Street. All podcasts are available on both iTunes and Google Play.


Til next week,


The Editors

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