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Welcome Back!

Gazing Southward from Broad Street.

With great excitement and much anticipation, The Arch Conservative welcomes you back to what will undoubtedly be another year of fruitful discourse, unapologetic editorials, interesting coverage, and hopefully—knock on wood—a successful senior season for Nick Chubb and his teammates between the hedges.  

With the beginning of the semester, as we know, comes the close of another summer. Thankfully, the The Arch Conservatives spent their summers in an atypically productive fashion. On the contrary, we had our busiest summer to date in regard to publishing—a couple podcasts and some stellar pieces by new contributors. Such content, however, represents only a sliver of what’s improved within the publication since school was last in session. The Editors have been hard at work and bring to the publication a slew of new skills. Boris and Sydney spent a few months interning on Capitol Hill with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the American Chemistry Council, respectively. Ross, too, was in that “City of Magnificent Intentions” where he had the opportunity to write for the New Guard, the national publication for Young America’s Foundation, as well as to introduce both Senator Mike Lee and Vice President Mike Pence at the 39th annual National Conservative Student Conference. Sarah, representing YAF at UGA, also participated at the same conference. Michael continued his service to the state as a delegate at the GOP State Convention and to Gwinnett County as its First Vice Chair. Mallory sharpened her impeccable graphic design skills with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office. Matthew Jordan spent his summer at Jackson Healthcare where Jeb Bush happens to serve on the Board of Advisors. Finally, Nick and J. Thomas attended the annual Collegiate Network Editor’s Conference, during which The Arch Conservative received CN’s “Publication of the Year” honor. The award, however, has not relegated us to complacency; on the contrary, it has inspired us to continue improving our beloved publication.

With junior Connor Foarde filling the role of the newly established Campus News Editor position, we will be (and have been) investing more time and resources into coverage of local and campus topics, including events, student government, local legislation, and general happenings. After all, those bastions of conservative thought to which we so often look for guidance and opinion are not so easily found within the Classic City (but when they are, we invite them), and we must bear the torch as best we can. We mustn’t forget that The Arch Conservative was founded “in response to the situation on campus: to the fact, everywhere apparent, that the unexamined consensus is liberalism; to the fact, equally apparent, that conservatives have neglected their own intellectual heritage, intuiting what it is they believe without bothering to find out why they believe it.”

Four years, productive and influential as they were, has not been enough to make a consequential splash in this reality. That said, there are now multiple organizations on campus that extol such virtues as those enumerated in our inaugural editorial. For a single instance, thanks to Ross Dubberly and Sarah Montgomery, staff at The Arch Conservative, there is now a Young Americans for Freedom chapter here at UGA. Rumor has it that the incoming freshman class is the most deserving that UGA has yet seen, and many have already reached out to see what our publication has to offer. The situation on campus is ripe for, dare we say it, change … We approach a half-decade of service to the University this coming Spring semester and our staff could not be more excited to take advantage of the talent that we are so fortunate to have on board.

As always, we will release two magazines this semester, perhaps with some additional content to offer the best experience to our readers. We will bolster our podcast presence by continuing our Weekly Podcast, with Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin, and adding two more: Deeper Look and Two Sides (we must think of a new name here). Deeper Look will offer an insightful peek into a complex topic and will be hosted by Book Editor Ross Dubberly. The Marketplace will be a stage for respectful discourse between two persons who disagree on a topic, whether it be within the conservative umbrella or without. J. Thomas will host this podcast. What’s more, we will in time introduce each podcast to iTunes and Google Play, as well as keeping our SoundCloud page updated with the latest iterations.

We will host at least one lecture with Dr. David Gattie, our faculty advisor and an associate professor in the College of Engineering, on the topic of (nuclear) energy and climate change. We are generally unsure of the presence of the UGA Chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America (they did find themselves in a bit of trouble last semester), but perhaps we can engage with our friends at Georgia Political Review, Young Democrats, and other opposite-minded organizations on campus in a heightened manner this semester. We do have, as our motto explicitly states, an overarching goal of Raising the Standard of political discourse here on campus. Whatever we can contribute to the disruption of campus echo chambers in the name of what we believe to be right, we are happy to accomplish.

Here’s to that goal.


Best of luck to you all this semester,


The Editors  

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