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ArchCon Named CN ‘Publication of the Year’


Last night, July 19th, The Arch Conservative won the 2016-2017 “Publication of the Year” Award at the 2017 Collegiate Network Editor’s Conference. Collegiate Network, a subsidiary of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, invited speakers and campus publications that “focus public awareness on the politicization of American college” to Villanova University for three days of informative lectures, constructive dialogue, and ‘spirited’ comradery between students.

Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin and (newly-appointed) Assistant Editor J. Thomas Perdue represented ArchCon in the company of over 30 other liberty-minded campus publications from Montreal to Berkeley. On the final night of events, The Arch Conservative accepted the “Publication of the Year” award. The award recognizes a publication that is consistently active on social media, publishes quality content, retains a meaningful influence on campus, and has an attractive brand, layout, and design. CN interim Chairman, Jacob Lane, and ISI President Charles Copeland presented the award to ArchCon‘s representatives as well as awards for “Best Layout” to The Dartmouth Review, for “Best New Media” to The Wake Forest Review, for “Best Feature Story” to Binghamton Review, and for “Best New Publication” to The Pitt Maverick.

Now, we are afforded an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of our last five years as a publication. To that end, the term that at once comes to mind is gratitude. The great William F. Buckley put it best:


“To fail to experience gratitude when walking through the corridors of the Metropolitan Museum, when listening to the music of Bach or Beethoven, when exercising our freedom to speak, or … to give, or withhold, our assent, is to fail to recognize how much we have received from the great wellsprings of human talent and concern that gave us Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, our parents, our friends. We need a rebirth of gratitude for those who have cared for us, living and, mostly, dead. The high moments of our way of life are their gifts to us. We must remember them in our thoughts and in our prayers; and in our deeds.”


To add to the man’s words would be an injustice. All that we can say is that we are, again, boundlessly grateful to those who encouraged and helped form a publication worth the investment of time that all of the Staff and contributors offer.

Specifically, The Arch Conservative is thankful for all of our contributors, staff, and supporters, as well as Collegiate Network and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.”There is really no better forum for gripping discussion, constructive advice, and overall inspiration than the CN Editor’s Conference,” EIC Nick Geeslin comments. In particular, we are continually indebted (in no particular order) to Philip Chalk, who assisted without hesitation in designing our magazine template; to Dr. David Gattie, our faculty advisor and most supportive member of the team; to Blake Seitz, Elizabeth R., John Henry Thompson, and Davis Parker, our fearless (and apparently sleepless) founders; to Connor Kitchings, our previous Editor-in-Chief; and especially to Alyssa Schulz, Jacob Lane for their help with this wonderful event. There is not a scent of doubt that such an accomplishment would have been possible without the support, passion, and hard work of these individuals.

At the moment, we are grateful but not satisfied, for a new school year bears with it a burden of disciplined coverage and willful writing, recording, editing, and designing. Our everlasting aim and established tradition of Raising the Standard here at the University of Georgia is an end that will require more from us than we have yet given.

The Editors (with special efforts from a travel-worn J. Thomas Perdue)

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