Raising the Standard at UGA since 2013.

An Introduction to The Arch Conservative’s “Columns”


In keeping with our quest to streamline the conservative voice on campus, The Arch Conservative begins a new endeavor entitled “Columns.” The effort is meant to offer consolidated homes for specific streams of the conservative conscience. The columns will vary in tone, topic, length, and scope. Some will ridicule the right, some will lament the Left, some will strike a fine balance in between. That which will not vary, as always, is our unfailing quest for truth through the classical conservative lens. The Editors hope that this will indeed ‘Raise the Standard’ of political discussion on campus. Share the pieces that are in some way to your liking, comment, begin a discussion, and compose a letter to the editor. All these forms of involvement are more than welcome in this forum as they should be in the broader scope of the discussion of ideas.   

—The Editors