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Senator John McCain: The Left’s ‘Useful Idiot’

The Arizona Senator at work . . . (Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

Senator John McCain has all too often been eager to play the role of attack dog for the Left, pursuing Conservatives in addition to fellow Republicans.

Make no mistake: Arizona Senator John McCain is a war hero, President Donald Trump’s foolish, mindless campaign-trail statements to the contrary notwithstanding. However, Senator McCain’s heroic military service, for which your Assistant Editor is eternally grateful, must not insulate his ex officio statements and votes from scrutiny. And with his abounding media appearances and profuse public statements of late, scrutinizers had better get busy. For much of Senator McCain’s media appearances and interviews have been, I daresay, borderline moronic at best and self-serving, self-promoting serenades to the ‘mainstream’ media and Left-wing establishment at worst.

Despite Captain McCain’s valiant service to his country, Senator McCain has been, mildly put, a disaster. His record in the Senate, best illustrated by his abysmal 33 percent “Liberty Score,” is a nightmare. Indeed, Conservative Review’s “Liberty Score,” which scores how well politicians’ votes comport with Conservatism, is no friend of Republican establishmentarians such as Senator McCain; for it exposes the striking similarities between supine, liberal Republicans and Left-wing Democrats. Quite frankly, it is hard to see how McCain could move much further Left, given that his uber-Leftist colleague, Elizabeth Warren, nips at his heels with a miserable 18 percent Liberty Score.

To state the obvious: John McCain is not a Conservative. His Conservative rhetoric crumbles under his repulsive record. Consequently, many Conservative Republicans, for instance, yours truly, have had enough of him.

And yet, given the ubiquity of the Senator from Arizona in the media—a trend surely observed by any consumer of political news—a dispassionate observer could easily find himself under the impression that McCain is a spokesperson of Conservatism.

While this damages the Conservative cause, it benefits John McCain.

The quintessential establishmentarian, McCain discovered that the amount of praise one receives from the plutocrats and punditry class is directly proportional to the magnitude of one’s contempt for Conservatives and President Donald Trump. After recognizing that there is nothing the media love more than a Republican attacking a Republican, McCain has espied a great opportunity to reclaim his relevancy.

Fighting the Left’s mendacity and fabricated hysteria takes courage; goose-stepping with the “self-congratulatory elite,” to use Dr. Thomas Sowell’s phrase, on the other hand, is much easier and more appealing. Consequently, McCain has effectively joined ranks with “The Resistance,” wittingly or unwittingly serving as the ‘mainstream’ media’s stooge, and, to use Lenin’s term, a ‘useful idiot’ for the Left.

And, moreover, it is a role McCain appears to relish.

Leftist laud and appearances on television obviously titillate the man; for what other conclusions could one draw given his salivating at opportunities to attack the Trump administration, Conservatives, and fellow Republicans.

It is certainly true that McCain is not a lone wolf. The Republican Party is replete with other media stooges, Lindsey Graham, for instance. Nevertheless, none have stood out in this regard quite like McCain. He has emerged as the press’s Republican poster boy, their go-to ‘voice of reason’ on the Right. They orgasmically offer him a powerful platform to propagate and parrot Left-wing idiocies.

Speaking about his Republican colleagues in 2013, for example,  Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, McCain dubbed them ‘wacko birds.’ What was it that McCain found so ‘wacko’ about Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and other Conservative Senators? At the time, they were filibustering the then-incoming CIA Director John Brennan—a radical who pulled the lever for the Communist Party candidate, Gus Hall, in 1980—over drone policy. This was just too much, apparently, for Senator John McCain—that great beacon of ‘reason’ whom the press believe all ‘right-wingers’ should strive to emulate.  

That is because, of course, McCain’s agenda comports beautifully with that of his ‘opponents’ on the Left: They seek to undermine Conservatism and this president at every turn, and he is willing to prostitute his principles for their ephemeral vapid praise.

I cannot help but wonder whether the 2008 election outcome might have been different had defeating the Democrats and the Left animated McCain as much as his contempt for Conservatives and President Trump does. In any event, John McCain lost and gifted Americans with the most damaging president since Woodrow Wilson, Barack Hussein Obama. Yet now he feels it his moral duty to criticize Conservatives and the Trump Administration. Give us a break, Senator.

To be sure, it is not so much the criticizing per se of President Trump that I find unbecoming of a liberal Republican and failed presidential candidate as much as it is the manner and type of criticizing in which McCain engages. I would have no problem, for instance, if Senator McCain would like to criticize the president for his approach to trade. In fact, I would join him. But a defense of free trade, or of any freedom for that matter, is far from McCain’s current misgivings with the Administration.  

For example, McCain’s most recent diatribes have been directed toward the pseudo-scandal of ‘collusion’ between the Trump Administration and Russia.

Specifically, The Hill reported earlier this month that McCain asseverated that the ‘scandals’ within the Trump administration were reaching a ‘Watergate-size and scale.’ The magnificent asininity of that quote would be hard to overstate.

The alleged ‘collusion’ of the Trump campaign with the Russians is a farce, a fraud, and an absurd sideshow. In the first place, as James Clapper (an Obama appointee), Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, and now, we know, James Comey, have all told us, there is not a scintilla of evidence indicating any ‘collusion.’ Secondly, given that no evidence has been ‘leaked’ to the media, and that the intelligence community and other bureaucracies of the Deep State are leaking like a sieve these days, does it not stand to reason that, perhaps, there was no collusion or else we would already know about it?

In addition, facts such as President Trump’s decision to order a military strike on an airbase in Syria, a regime closely allied with Putin, along with his excoriating speech in Saudi Arabia against another Putin ally, Iran, render ‘collusion’ allegations between Moscow and Washington conspiratorial and utterly absurd.

Similarly, in ABC’s 7.30 ‘exclusive interview’ with McCain, with regard to the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, he was quoted as saying ‘I don’t think there’s any doubt that this FBI issue and the whole issue of the Russians, it’s a scandal of significant proportions and it’s going to be with us for quite a while.’


Senator, I must ask: what the hell are you talking about?


Hypothetically, even if President Trump was the object of the FBI’s investigation, did the firing of Comey somehow halt that endeavor? Of course not, which is yet another example of how the hysterical Left, speaking of a ‘constitutional crisis’ inter alia, control the narrative with no small thanks owed to useful idiots of the pseudo-Right like John McCain.

In the same ‘exclusive’ with 7.30, McCain also spoke of the ‘legitimate concern’ of the Europeans apropos President Trump’s refusal to further commit the United States to the Paris Climate Accord; the deviation from ‘standard procedure’ that was Jared Kushner’s alleged meeting with the Russians prior to President Trump’s inauguration; and also banal platitudes regarding foreign policy and national security, such as North Korea’s potential to become a ‘very serious crisis along the lines of the Cuban missile crisis, unless we do everything we can to restrain North Korean behavior.’

John McCain has every right to talk to any news outlet or go on any television program he pleases to criticize whomever he wishes. After all, thanks to the good people of Arizona, he is a United States Senator. However, by the same token, when he, or anyone else for that matter, decides to serve as a useful idiot and stooge for Leftist agitprop while claiming the mantle of Conservatism, it is the right of true Conservatives, to go on the offensive. And it is a right that I intend to exercise with vigor.

Whether Left-wing gobbledygook is propagated by dyed-in-the-wool Leftists or pseudo-Conservatives and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) makes no difference to this Conservative. Drivel is drivel, and it is high time John McCain—the liberal, big-government Republican, useful idiot, and failed presidential candidate who should have retired from the Senate long ago—be held to account by the Right.

Conservatives and Republicans need to be focused entirely on the war for the soul of America in which they are engaged with the Left, not distracted by the latest neurotic idiocy that Senator John McCain has spouted to his friends in the ‘mainstream’ press. His retirement or defeat cannot come soon enough.

— Ross Dubberly is Assistant Editor at The Arch Conservative. 

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