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Podcast & Notes: “A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Economy”

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Guest Contributor Joseph Amoroso, Contributor Will Brown, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin discuss the beginner’s guide to understanding the economy. Included are the concept of economic growth, a description of the Federal Reserve, and how the market has and will react to a Trump Administration.

Stuff We Missed: 

We neglected to mention three stellar articles from our unofficial business news contributors Matt Collins and Matthew Jordan. They are listed below:

→ Matt Collins in the most recent issue of The Arch Conservative on the importance of the Fed and monetary policy. He writes perceptively about the corruption of many views on capitalism as well.

→ Matt Jordan touches on the unusually high corporate tax rate and the issues that come along with it.


The Arch Conservative’s Inaugural Podcast, as mentioned in the podcast below.

→ As per the recommendation of Nick Geeslin: an NPR Planet Money Podcast centered around the importance of the productivity measure and an NPR Planet Money Podcast centered around the “Invention of the Economy,” which speaks on the GDP measure and its worth and misuse. Also, research the role of the Fed in each of our most major recessions.

→ As per the recommendation of Will Brown: Seeking Alpha Wall Street Breakfast for a daily newsletter that is a quick read, The Wall Street Journal’s “Moneybeat” for an easy-to-understand run-through of the economy and the politics related, and finally Bloomberg Surveillance for a more detailed financial/political news podcast.

→ As per the recommendation of Joseph Amoroso: the unemployment data (released monthly) that is essential to the strategy of many investors and the FOMC minutes from their various meetings. An interesting fact: In 2007, the number of words from the FOMC minutes surpassed that of the Bible.

Lastly, a special thanks to Joseph Amoroso for contributing as a guest for this podcast.

The Editors