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The Arch Conservative In Print, Summer 2017

Ben Shapiro waiting to answer an audience member’s question. Design Courtesy of Mallory Traylor.

Enlightening insight and astute opinions combine with aesthetic appeal to produce this, the Summer 2017 edition of The Arch Conservative in print. Check it out below or at our distribution boxes at Tate Bus Stop and the Main Library

In this issue, James Bartow, Chris Lipscomb, Boris A. Abreu, and Matt Jordan give voice both to explanations and novel ideas at foreign policy and happenings from the Korean peninsula to the Middle East and even to the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Michael Duckett keeps things local with a review of Georgia’s most recent legislative session (complete with quotes from top officials), Nick Geeslin offers advice on navigating the “Progressive’s Playground” that is University, and Sydney North shares much-needed insight into just what direction is best for environmental change (hint: the EPA plays a small role). To conclude, Ross Dubberly offers a look into the sobering and rich history of conservatism via a review of George Nash’s book “A History of the Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945.”

Furthermore, and perhaps most excitingly, we have succeeded to an impressive degree in “unifying the right” by recruiting such new contributors as Ian LaCroix, J. Thomas Perdue, Matt Collins, and Peyton Sketch, all of whom make their print edition debuts in this issue. Ian discusses an interesting Georgia State “Brewery” Bill, Matt describes the integral role of the Federal Reserve, and Peyton opines on the ‘Bathroom Bill’ fiasco. Finally, in a rare and impressive feat, J. Thomas’s first print piece serves as the Summer 2017 edition’s cover story. In “The Shapiro Effect,” Perdue eulogizes the work and Ben Shapiro and his role in politics and brilliantly ties his cultural impact on college campuses into a similar sentiment felt by conservatives here at the University of Georgia.

Thanks also to Mallory Traylor, our Creative Director, for the magazine’s simple beauty.


Grab yourself a copy at our Tate Bus Stop and Main Library distribution boxes!

— The Editors