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Podcast & Notes: Being Conservative on Campus at UGA

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Contributor Grayson Hertel, Marketing Coordinator Sarah Montgomery, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin discuss how it is to be conservative at the University of Georgia campus. Included topics are how Grayson, Sarah, and Nick came to conservatism, how difficult it is to express conservative beliefs in class, and some advice on how to respectfully discuss and understand politics. Not often will you hear conservatives claim victimhood in such a way as this; but listen below and see for yourself the oppression present in the “Progressive’s Playground” that is the college campus.


• “Presidenting is hard” [paraphrased] ~ President Donald Trump in an interview with Reuters.

Ross Dubberly’s perceptive piece on the Turkish referendum and what it means for democracy in what was once a beacon of democracy in the Middle East.

• On Sarah’s point about the poor merit of voting for “the lesser of two evils,” Editor Emeritus Connor Kitchings’s piece “Consent of the Governed” hits very similar points.

• Get ready for the Summer 2017 edition of The Arch Conservative in print!!!

Stuff We Missed: 

News from Pyongyang: Another failed missile test.

• Some more self-advertisement. This insightful article from Nick Geeslin offers more advice on how to survive as a conservative on campus and, more broadly, how to truly understand your political views. A similar theme is expressed in his featured piece in the Summer 2017 edition of The Arch Conservative in print. 

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