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Podcast & Notes: Discussing Marijuana

Visual created by Graphic Design Coordinator Mallory Traylor.

Associate Editor Michael Duckett, Marketing Coordinator Sarah Montgomery, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin discuss arguments for and against various types of marijuana decriminalization and legalization.


• With such a vast topic, we were unable to get around to all the facets of marijuana legalization, decriminalization, etc. We encourage you to do some research on some of these subjects such as:

• Money spent on incarceration/’War on Drugs’ (it is a lot)

• Classical thinkers and their thoughts on the subject. For example, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises (from the Mises Institute), and even renowned conservative and scholar William F. Buckley endorsed the idea of marijuana legalization on an ideological basis. On the other hand, arguments against marijuana legalization are not to be forgotten. Here is a good conglomeration of such arguments.

— The Editors