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The Arch Conservative Hosts Karin Agness Lips for “Opportunity Feminism”

Mrs. Agness Lips in front of a full audience.

Two weeks ago saw the beginning of quite a bit of insolence and vitriol as The Arch Conservative set up a Facebook page for a guest lecture ludicrously attempting to positively relate two entirely juxtapositional words: “feminism” and “conservatism.”

Of course, The Arch Conservative administrators remained respectful and continued to advertise the event without prejudice, encouraging those dissenters to attend even disproportionally in an effort to contribute to the diversity in ideology at the event. In this way, and in many others, the event was a massive success. There were more students in attendance than there were seats (of which there were 44) in the Miller Learning Center lecture room. There were zero Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets left by the end of the event as well. To top it all off, Mrs. Agness Lips wrote a piece about her experience at UGA in Forbes.

Outside of these concrete measures of success was the content of the event. For a summary of the talk, a discussion of the Question & Answer section, as well as a general discussion of the merits of conservative feminism, see The Arch Conservative‘s Weekly Podcast with guest contributor and “Opportunity Feminism” attendee Jake Carnes, Marketing Coordinator Sarah Montgomery, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin.

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