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Podcast & Notes: A Discussion of Conservative Feminism & TAC’s Spring Lecture

Visual created by Graphic Design Coordinator Mallory Traylor.

Last Wednesday, The Arch Conservative brought some unintended controversy to campus at the Miller Learning Center. Contributing guest Jake Carnes, Marketing Coordinator Sarah Montgomery, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin recap and discuss The Arch Conservative’s annual guest lecture on “Opportunity Feminism: How The Left Killed Feminism (and How The Right Can Fix It)” with founder of the Network of enlightened Women (an organization for conservative women at university), Forbes contributor, and graduate of UVA and UVA Law School Karin Agness Lips. The discussion encompasses the event (both the lecture and the Q & A session), the merits of conservative feminism, and the silencing of opposing opinion on campus (by the Left).

We would like to thank Graphic Design Coordinator Mallory Traylor for designing the flyer, Marketing Coordinator Sarah Montgomery for marketing the event, and, of course, Mrs. Karin Agness Lips for coming to speak for us.

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