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Podcast & Notes: The 6th District, Syria, and ‘Going Nuclear’

Visual created by Graphic Design Coordinator Mallory Traylor.

Associate Editor Michael Duckett, Assistant Editor Boris A. Abreu, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin discuss this (very busy) week’s most salient news.

Notes: As promised, a link to our upcoming event: Opportunity Feminism: How The Left Killed Feminism (and How The Right Can Fix It).

Things We Missed: 

• In news, we missed the news that 98,000 jobs had been added this past month. Of course, this is being dubbed as a massive failure by nearly any outlet you can find, with an utter disregard for the fact that unemployment is hovering barely above the 4% mark, which is considered to be below the target level of unemployment for a healthy economy (5%).

• Each of the topics we covered could have been expounded upon in detail, but for the sake of time, we limited ourselves. We encourage you, however, to continue your research.

— The Editors