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Podcast & Notes: Two Sides – Discussing Campus Carry

Visual created by Graphic Design Coordinator Mallory Traylor.

Contributor & Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans Brennan Mancil represents those in favor of the legislation; Editor for GPR & Service Coordinator for Students For Environmental Action Paul Oshinski represents the opposition; and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin facilitates the discussion in this week’s The Arch Conservative Podcast.


• The Red & Black article from Senior Staff Writer Nate Harris, in which Paul’s history with the bill is detailed, gives a great background and variety of opinions.

• Brennan Mancil’s cogent piece for The Arch Conservative on H.B. 859 last year.

Things We Missed: 

• Though we discussed it briefly, the constitutional implications are a major topic to consider, seeing as how the University is public property. That said, Senate meetings and Judicial hearings bar the existence of guns upon entry, and the buildings in which they convene are paid for by the taxpayers’ there, the opposition argues. Those in favor of the bill, however, will hold that there is no feasible way to restrict every gun from entering campus (hence Nick’s comment about how the Arch would look as a metal detector). Therefore, since you cannot restrict those who shouldn’t be bringing guns onto campus, how can you restrict those who we trust bring guns on campus?

  — The Editors