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‘The War on Radical Islam’: Retired Lt. Col. Allen West to Speak at UGA

Photo by Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons
Lt. Col. Allen West to lecture on radical Islam at UGA on Tuesday, April 4.

ATHENS, GA—The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Georgia is to host a lecture by retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West on Tuesday, April 4 at the Miller Learning Center in room 101. Mr. West is expected to give a talk on national security and foreign policy, particularly as it relates to ISIS and radical Islam.

West was born in Atlanta and is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. He served for 22 years in the United States Army and served in several combat zones such as Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his retirement from the Army in 2004, he taught high school for a year before returning to Afghanistan as a civilian military adviser. And in November of 2010, he was elected to represent the 22nd Congressional District of Florida in the United State House of Representatives. West is a Fox News Contributor, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, a syndicated columnist, and currently serves as the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board for National Center for Policy Analysis.

West’s scheduled lecture at UGA comes amidst rising tensions at home and abroad over the migration crisis, the threat of Islamist extremism from the Middle East, and most recently the blocking of President Trump’s travel ban by the courts. West’s expertise is thought to bring a unique, conservative perspective to international affairs, national security, and the threat of Islamist extremism in today’s world.

“Lieutenant Colonel West is an unrivaled expert in the foreign policy and national security arena. He never fails to provide a cogent, conservative perspective to world events and U.S. national security developments. More importantly, however, he does not shy away from the truth about the threats our country face and whence these threats emanate,” said YAF at UGA’s Co-Chairman, Ross Dubberly.

Lt. Colonel West will be the first lecturer that YAF at UGA has hosted since its recent founding in August of last year. The activist group has as its goal the promotion conservative principles on the University of Georgia’s campus through various projects, events, literature, and writings.