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Podcast & Notes: A Health Care Disaster & Thoughts on Neil Gorsuch

Visual created by Graphic Design Coordinator Mallory Traylor.

Contributor Grayson Hertel, Marketing Coordinator Sarah Montgomery, and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin spend some time clarifying Paul Ryan and Trump’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act and share opinions on its (lack of) expected efficacy. They also embrace the entirely unfounded controversy surrounding Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch.


• As expected, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), was pulled from consideration within two hours after our discussion.

Relevant Links:  

• New York Times article that offers a comprehensive look at what the AHCA would have changed from Obamacare.

• National Review piece more in an ideological defense of originalism and hypocrisy from the Left (though there is no shortage of it from many Republicans at the time).

• A brief biography about the man in question.

• National Review piece detailing all the cases for which Democrats (in particular, Chuck Schumer) have attacked Neil Gorsuch (and why they are grasping for straws).

• And finally, the Editors’ National Review Podcast released nearly in unison with ours that discusses “Gorsuch A Busy News Week,” which, in case you did not realize, is centered mostly around a Gorsuch as well. Let it be known, we beat them to it. As for quality, we will have to leave that up to you, our listeners . . .


— The Editors