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Staff Favorites, Week of March 12th

Graphic created by Mallory Traylor.

In keeping with our ultimate goal of shedding light on the oft-overlooked intellectual basis of conservatism as well as giving voice to those who subscribe to it, The Arch Conservative begins weekly releases of “Staff Favorites.” This category, which can be found under the “Other” tab on our website menu, will contain any number of articles, reviews, podcasts, YouTube videos, or any other form of media that staff members have read throughout the week. These suggestions will ideally represent the conservative viewpoint in a convincing, informed, eloquent, and yet unrelenting and confident way. They will go beyond the sensationalism that many media outlets so grossly aspire to produce. They will inspire thought,  The purpose we here at The Arch Conservative have is to share outstanding articles that we feel will further equip you to defend your beliefs if you already consider yourself conservative, and to offer a well-crafted oppositional opinion to those who would not consider themselves conservative.

If you, our readers, would like to contribute to the Staff Favorites page, please send us an article that fits the above qualifications and email it to us at archconuga@gmail.com. Whether it is a well-read NR piece, a random blog or think-tank report, a guest lecturer on YouTube, or a piece from the Red & Black newspaper, we would love for you to share it with us so that we can get the word out. Along with the link, please include a short description of the article you send. Examples can be found below.

Staff Favorites, Week of March 12th: 

  • The Arch Conservative’s very own Co-Founder, Blake Seitz, eulogizes the life and work of virtuoso photographer, Lennart Nilsson, in his piece for National Review. The article beautifully depicts the momentous impact of Nilsson’s fetal photographs and how they changed the way Americans view the unborn. We congratulate Blake, who is also Assistant Editor at the Washington Free Beacon, and thank him for his many years of service to our beloved publication.

    ~ Assitant Editor Ross Dubberly and The Arch Conservative Editorial Staff

  • This article from Reuters I found quite interesting, it discusses the potential impact of the Trump budget cuts on coal country Appalachia, a region he has sworn to revamp.
    ~ Assistant Editor Boris A. Abreu
  • Distinguished scholar, author, political commentator, and historian, Steven F. Hayward, describes the modern-day ‘administrative state’ and the threat it presents to constitutional government in his brilliant and well-crafted piece for the Claremont Review of Books. 
     ~ Assistant Editor Ross Dubberly
  • Recently, I have been enjoying spending (some of) my free time watching YouTube videos that have to do with political issues. YouTube videos require less focus, less time, and are simply easier to churn through (recall the last time you read 15 articles uninterrupted, now recall the last time you watched 15 videos straight). PragerU, a free show that makes the arguments of conservatism extremely accessible and simple, and videos from Ben Shapiro have been my preference of late. So my suggestion for the week is a recording of the question and answer section of Ben Shapiro’s event at Yale University. He addresses sharp questions from an informed audience in regard to ‘white privilege,’ his definition of ‘The Left,’ and so on. I truly believe this video to be a worthwhile watch.
    ~ Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin
  • A handy and organized visual representation of the White House’s proposed budget cuts.
To fund increases in defense spending and a border wall, Trump proposed cuts across departments

~Publishing Editor Matthew Jordan

That is all for this week. We hope to grow this section more by the end of the semester so as to broaden our knowledge and increase our readership.

Stay tuned for another week of Arch Conservative articles as well as a podcast to finish the week off,

The Editors