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Podcast & Notes: “Good News from The White House – The Budget Proposal”

Assistant Editors Ross Dubberly and Boris A. Abreu and Editor-in-Chief Nick Geeslin discuss the most recent proposed budget for the fiscal year. They focus specifically on cuts to the EPA, to the State Department, and to the Arts Budget and NASA. Is this a shimmering moment of conservatism in Trump’s presidency? Listen for the answer and more.

• Wonderfully formatted and organized Washington Post article summarizing the budget proposal referenced in the podcast.

• White House Budget Proposal Report

• Wall Street Journal article Ross brought up briefly.

Things we Missed:

• One department we neglected to mention was the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The budget proposal suggests a six percent increase in the VA budget, making it one of only three departments for which the President’s administration deems an increase in funding worthwhile. The intention here, these editors feel, is good (as are most funding increases). The state of the veteran community is oft-neglected and this disgrace should be addressed. However, as we have seen from the Department of education throwing more money at the problem doesn’t always work. This is something we attempted to emphasize in our podcast, as we feel it an important thing to consider. We, the contributors to this podcast, have mixed feelings on this issue.

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—The Editors (Ross Dubberly, Boris A. Abreu, and Nick Geeslin)