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The Arch Conservative In Print, Spring 2017

A man few thought would ever grace a cover of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE.

Conservatism is not about blocking certain peoples from entrance into a country, we must strive not to confuse this point. It is, rather, a much more rational and powerful liberty that conservatism promotes. It promotes the ability to analyze the situation and deal with it rationally, without the pervasive fear of being labeled ‘insensitive.’ Such are the themes of many articles in this issue of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE.

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James Bartow, Sydney North, Connor Kitchings, and Chris Lipscomb speak about The Wall, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt and the EPA, and the future of the War on Terror respectively, Boris Abreu shares his thoughts on recent protests, and Michael Duckett gives an account of the inauguration. In this quarter’s featured articles, new contributor, Ross Dubberly explains the hyperbolized topic of climate change, Nick Geeslin investigates the underlying dangers of Trump’s “Executive Order Extravaganza,” and Matt Jordan on the U.S.’s departure from the TPP. To finish the issue on a lighthearted note, as we always intend, Nick Geeslin asks the People what they thought about the Falcons’ Super Bowl Disappointment and TJ Collins theorizes on a hypothetical post-secession California.