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Another Year Commences

The grass is green and the fountain is flowing

Welcome back to THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, a liberty-minded magazine and website at the University of Georgia. As we begin our fourth year of publication, we the editors would like to pause for a moment of reflection.

This will be our first year without at least one of our visionary founders on the editorial board. While their leadership and intuition will be missed, we will not let this change compromise our standards of quality and integrity. Readers, it is because of your support that our magazine has thrived since its founding and it will be your support again that inspires us in this moment of transition. As we continue to engage tradition and freedom on campus, we are excited for what this year has in store.

With an election on the horizon, we will undoubtedly cover this unsettling presidential race and other issues of national importance.

However, THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE remains uniquely positioned to continue the fight of safeguarding freedom and liberty at the local level. We will continue to cover new developments in the campus’s abortion debate, interesting academic debates on issues such as climate change, the escapades of the “indispensable” Student Government Association, and much more.

Here, we reaffirm the key values that THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE set forth in our founding editorial. Our aims are to confront oppression and preserve the freedom, which allows us to pursue meaningful lives. We propose the following:

That there exists an enduring moral order. That a healthy respect for traditional beliefs is prudent, as they represent the accumulated wisdom of history.

That free markets enable human flourishing, contribute to the general welfare and safeguard liberty.

That individual rights are imperative and, unacceptably, not available to millions around the world. That free nations are obligated to oppose, by force of arms when justified, the decisions of tyrants.

That ultimately the great experiences in life are outside the realm of politics, and cannot be manufactured by government.

The writers at THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE champion these ideals. We encourage the vibrant dialogue that results from the defense of one’s principles. Indeed, such discussion is a vital experience for students at such a large and storied institution like the University of Georgia.

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