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WEEK IN REVIEW: The West on Alert

(Photo courtesy USAFE AFAFRICA)

Welcome to the Week In Review, published every Friday on the blog. WiR is a collaborative effort of TAC’s Editors and contributors. Thought- and mirth-provoking articles we stumble across are placed here, along with an arch tagline.

Fighting a Beast…

“Fight Them Over There,” Matthew Continetti, The Washington Free Beacon

THE EDITORS: Mr. Continetti expounds on a point made earlier this week by Charles Krauthammer and TAC‘s own Editor-in-Chief. Our enemy is strong: Let’s take the fight to them.

…That’s All Too Human.

“Being Human,” Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Online

THE EDITORS: Mr. Williamson diagnoses a problem: “The Ron Pauls of the world and most progressives believe that if we would just mind our own business and see to our own affairs, then we could more or less horse-trade our way to a peaceful modus vivendi…”

Education for All

“University of Georgia Considers Program for Intellectually Disabled Students,” Daniel Funke, USA Today

THE EDITORS: Recognizing the value of human life, and the human mind, in all its beautiful variations.

Classics Cross Cultures

“An African Classicist Comes to Rome,” Alexander Suebsaeng, National Review Online

Gazing at Stars

“Scientific Higher Education In America,” Peter Augustine Lawler, The Imaginative Conservative

THE EDITORS: “It is a bit of a myth that we have a shortage of STEM graduates, although it is true that we can use more really good ones.”

 2016 Speculation Part I: A Distinctly Minority View

“Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Run For President,” Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times

2016 Speculation Part II: Rubio’s Challenge

“In Packed GOP Presidential Field, Is There Room for Rubio?” Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

2016 Speculation Part III: Run, Scott, Run!

“Scott Walker – Sleeper in 2016 GOP Presidential Race?” Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

THE EDITORS: Both Rubio and Walker match up well with Mrs. Clinton, but some speculation persists that Hillary won’t run. If that’s the case, all bets are off.