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WEEK IN REVIEW: Solidarity, Friends!

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Welcome to the Week In Review, published every Friday on the blog. WiR is a collaborative effort of TAC’s Editors and contributors. Thought- and mirth-provoking articles we stumble across end up here.

Denson’s Buddies

“Rising student organization gives home to progressive thinking,” Connor Bryan, The Red & Black

THE EDITORS: UGA lefties have a new home in the Progressive Student Coalition, which was profiled in The Red & Black despite having done … well, not much of anything. We suppose its members do quite a bit of sitting at Bolton, railing against whatever important things progressives rail about. Israel. Grammar. Whatever.

They’re a somewhat credulous bunch, but we hope they stick around, if only so we can write about them.

Shortsighted, Yes. Oversight, No.

“Torturing the truth,” The Editors, National Review Online

THE EDITORS: The SSCI Report is nothing more than a throwback to the Dems’ good old days, when they didn’t have to deal with the thorny issues of governance and could fritter away the hours calling President Bush a fascist. It is certainly not a document by which the EIT program should be judged, due in part to the fact that its partisan authors saw no need to interview anyone at Langley.

They Never Learn

“California Attorney General accused of unfairly targeting conservative group,” The Washington Free Beacon

From the Grounds

“A letter from the editor,” Rob Mogni, The Virginia Advocate

THE EDITORS: Our sister publication at UVA respond to the recent Rolling Stone controversy.

Goodbye, Sen. Coburn

“Video: Sen. Tom Coburn’s emotional farewell speech,” Guy Benson, Town Hall

THE EDITORS: We join conservatives everywhere in saluting a loyal friend of the taxpayer. We’ll miss you, Senator. 

Democrats Chose Southern Destruction

“Southern Democrat ‘extinction’ was not inevitable and can be reversed,” Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

Radical Feminists, Check Your Facts

“Does truth matter to the feminist Left?” Charles C. W. Cooke, National Review Online

THE EDITORS: We’re sure you’ve all read coverage of Rolling Stone‘s retracted UVA rape story, but what does it reveal about the feminist left? Charles Cooke examines the question.

All is Fair in Love and Warren 

“What’s the Dodd-Frank fight that could shut down the government? (And What Does It Tell Us About Liz Warren?)” Patrick Brennan, National Review Online

So Two Thousand and Eight

THE EDITORS: Better than morning coffee. Check out four other pro-Hilary musicals at National Review Online.

Hollywood Caves to the Lamest of Dictators

“Sony CEO ordered ‘The Interview’ toned down, Rogan objected,” Jim Finkle & James Pearson, Reuters

Keep Portland Backward

“Portland, Ore. is suing Uber, calling company a ‘substantial threat’ to the public,” Hunter Schwarz, The Washington Post

THE EDITORS: What are they afraid of? Subarus run amok?

Freedom Fighters

“The torch is being passed to a new generation of right-wing media,” Dave Weigel, Bloomberg

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