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Letter to the President: Eliminate ISIS

Whatever it takes. (Photo courtesy cell105)

Mr. President,

Napoleon’s eighth military maxim states,

A general-in-chief should ask himself frequently in the day, ‘What should I do if the enemy’s army appeared now in my front, or on my right, or my left?’ If he have any difficulty in answering these questions, his position is bad, and he should seek to remedy it.

Sir, you have seen your enemy. It stares at you every morning during your national security briefings. ISIS has developed into not only one your largest headaches, but one of the biggest threats to our country’s national security. Do you know how to solve the threat that ISIS currently poses to our nation? Can you answer the question Napoleon poses? It’s unlikely, to judge from a recent presser.

You have wasted too much time trying to determine the correct form of retaliation toward ISIS. Your rhetoric has been cheap and your actions have done little to reverse the threat of this brutish terror cell. Mr. President, how many more executed Americans will it take before the United States answers the threat of ISIS? How many human rights violations have to occur before the United States comes to the aid of persecuted Christians, families, and innocent civilians attacked by ISIS? How many more Americans have to live in fear of ISIS before your actions, not your rhetoric, assure the American public that they are safe? The time to act is now.

General George Patton once said, “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

It is time to eradicate ISIS, whether you have devised a perfect plan of attack or not. We cannot wait any longer for answers or action. It is embarrassing to think that we wait to deliver a comprehensive military response to ISIS — or even to convene Congress to consider one — while every day the terror group grows stronger and more confident in its threats.

Yes, air strikes have been successful in countering some of ISIS’ goals. However, they will not defeat ISIS completely. It is time to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Military action is the only way to eliminate the terror group totally. If you gave the United States military orders to defeat ISIS by any means necessary, then the threat of the terror group would be overwhelmed in less than the three years you proposed as a timetable. Bet on it.

But I do not see that happening. Mr. President, you would never admit a past mistake in the midst of an election year. As we have seen time and time again, good politics override good policy. And the American people, and the world, wait for answers.

Until you act, more Americans will die at ISIS’s hands, more days will pass that innocent civilians are slaughtered by its malicious acts, and more Americans will live in fear of its threat. Every day you seem weaker in the eyes of the world, and every day the United States loses credibility, deterrent capability, and glory.

Time is up, Mr. President. The stage is set for you to holster the five-iron and lead a nation. Eliminate ISIS now and send them where your Vice President rightly said they belong: “The gates of Hell.”

—Russell Dye is a senior studying political science and horticulture

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