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Welcome Back!

A new school year is upon us all, and there is no place I would rather be than the University of Georgia. It has been a busy summer for all of us, and now the semester ahead promises new opportunities and challenges. From all of us at THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, welcome home.

For our nation and world, this has been a tumultuous few months. ISIS and Russian separatists flexed their muscles. The economy slumped and then showed signs of robust recovery. Scandals flew by like the spinning newsprint that heralded a media blitz in the days of old time cinema. Meanwhile, the nation readies itself for another important election. THE ARCH CONSERVARTIVE will be here to cover all of this and more, and we will strive to present a thoughtful, varied, conservative viewpoint on the issues of the day.

But events overseas and in Washington, D.C. are not all we focus on. This year, as in the past, THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE will bring you insightful coverage of local politics, campus controversy and policy, Athens itself and life as a UGA student. They say all politics is local, and we subscribe to that mantra. The Burkean platoons that compose Athens and University of Georgia communities are critical to our civic and cultural fabric.

As campus returns to class, work, service and fun, check THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE for up-to-date content and engaging commentary. Our quarterly print editions will be back and better than ever, so look for the Fall 2014 magazine soon! It’s going to be an important year for our school, state, nation, and globe. Let’s get to work.


For The Editors,

John Henry Thompson