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D.C.’s Influence Peddlers

“D.C. super lobbyist” Tony Podesta. (Photo courtesy of Craig)

We here at THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE are critical of Washington, D.C. because it is a cosseted bizarro world of transactional relationships and unearned affluence. We are highly critical of D.C. even though several of our members, including me, will work there this summer. Someone has to wield the plunger to drain the swamp, after all.

Two articles from over the weekend throw into relief D.C.’s icky side. They complement each other just as a fine $10,000 bottle of wine complements a showing of the Podesta art collection — its blown-up, lewd nudes by Grannan and Taylor-Wood, let’s say, because how better to complement decadence than with more decadence?

The first article, from National Review, dissects the showy divorce of progressive power brokers Tony and Heather Podesta, née Miller. The details of the couple’s work will make you squirm. For example, this text from a party invitation hosted by Ms. Podesta: “The prix fixe includes the Select Committee on Intelligence for the first course followed by your choice of Appropriations, Judiciary, or Rules Committees.”

The second article, from The Washington Post, features D.C.’s ritziest residential neighborhood, Georgetown (of “Georgetown cocktail party” fame). The historic neighborhood has long been “Washington’s center of gravity,” and what do you know?: It is currently in a “golden age,” although gilded may be more appropriate.

Politicians and talk radio hosts often rail against the “out-of-touch” denizens of Washington, D.C.  If these snapshots are any indication, the criticism is right on the money.

To think, these people have vast power over our lives.
M. Blake Seitz is Editor-in-Chief of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE

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