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Dear Comrade,

Today, April 1, marks the deadline to sign up for health insurance through exchanges created by the Glorious Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known as “Obamacare” to individualist, personality-driven swine). While agents of capital and other sowers of division claim this bill’s rollout has been “plagued with errors” and was “seriously overpromised,” that is manifestly a lie. 9.5 million workers have enrolled who were previously uninsured. 9.5 million! Do not let the running dogs of mathematical reaction tell you otherwise.

While these same forces assert that “Obamacare” massively redistributes wealth from young to old, and coerces thousands of employers to act against their own “consciences,” that is bald propagandizing. There is no wealth outside the state! There is no conscience above the state!

In the past, we held out these same feeble arguments as false flags to root out reactionaries in our midst. Wily fellow travelers may well have guessed our true intentions — our logo is brilliantly scarlet, after all.

By asking all to pay for the health care of all, the Glorious Affordable Care Act proves President Barack Obama’s love for the worker. He has made the bold decision to sacrifice individual economic “prosperity” so that every worker can have some modicum of health insurance and deal with yet another ruthlessly efficient government bureau.

THE MINISTRY OF LOVE: The resolve of the New Soviet Man permits no “Warm Fuzzies!” Correct your deviationist thought!

The line for care forms to the right! The very thought gives us warm fuzzies, just like that cute Healthcare.gov Doge ad.

Now that our true colors show, we can publically embrace the mantra “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” In the absence of a governmental apparatus to facilitate a transition to perfect equality, we the workers are forced to take matters into our own hardy hands. The gist of our situation is this: THE ARCH COMMUNIST has a lot of need. And you, Dear Reader, have a lot of ability. Pamphleteering for the Revolution is expensive, but we’re pleased to inform you that you can contribute to the cause. It is our hope that these appeals will be rendered unnecessary by the inevitable revolution of the proletariat. Until that happy day, we encourage you to send contributions to the address below or donate online by hitting the button.


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