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WEEK IN REVIEW: History’s Greatest Monsters

(Photo from The Simpsons)

Welcome to the Week In Review, released every Friday on the blog. WiR is a collaborative effort of TAC’s Editors and contributors. Thought- and mirth-provoking articles we stumble across are placed here, along with an arch tagline.

Grandson of History’s Greatest Monster

Has Jason Carter ‘lost his dadgum mind?’ Ask Georgia’s top Democrat,” Kyle Wingfield, Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionHow a fundraiser featuring Jason Carter erupted into a campaign fight,” Jim Galloway, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

THE EDITORS: Reference.

Et Tu, Roberts? The Sequel

“Can Liberals Trust John Roberts to Rescue Obamacare Again?” Tom Donnelly, New Republic

The Party of Science

“Unmasking the junk science behind the #BanBossy campaign,” Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner

They’re Forming A K-Pop Band

“North Korea: Men required to get Kim Jung-Un haircuts,” BBC

THE EDITORS: Further evidence that the unhinged Juche-communist regime in Pyongyang needs to go. Also, “Chinese smuggler haircut” is a great putdown.

Reproductive Justice League

The symbol of a lie,” Kevin Williamson, National Review

Aborted babies incinerated to heat U.K. hospitals,” Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph

Why is Planned Parenthood working to unseat Gosnell victim’s cousin?” Brandon McGinley, The Federalist

You’re Useful Until You Aren’t

“Democrats to Nate Silver: You’re wrong,” Alex Roarty, National Journal

Mind Behind Family of Political Mercenaries Endorses Clinton

“House of Cards creator: Hillary Clinton would make ‘an incredible president,'” Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner

A Veritable Whirlwind of Action

“SGA Senate finishes semester passing eight resolutions at last meeting,” Daniel Funke, The Red & Black

—Ha Ha Ha!

“Obama: U.S., Europe ‘united’ behind Ukraine,” Meghashyam Mali, Washington Examiner

We’ll Take A Pint, Mr. Governor 

“Colorado Governor’s mansion equipped with beer taps,” CBS Denver

Bottom Story

“Feminists say Reagan screwed fat people over,” Washington Free Beacon

THE EDITORS: Story originally reported by fellow Collegiate Network publication Swarthmore Independent.

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