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Welcome to the Week In Review, released every Friday on the blog. WiR is a collaborative effort of TAC’s Editors and contributors. Thought- and mirth-provoking articles we stumble across are placed here, along with an arch tagline.

Rebel with a Cause

“‘Where can we order one?’ Strong demand for mysteriously appearing ‘bad boy’ Ted Cruz posters,” Twitchy

THE EDITORS: Money quote: “GOP needs to embrace its bad boy image. Every Boehner appearance where he isn’t smoking filterless Camels is an opportunity wasted.” —Jon Gabriel

The Bell, It Tolls for D

Astonishing poll shows 38-year Democratic congressman down 14 points,” Michael Barone, Washington Examiner 

Republicans seize edge in the fight for the Senate majority,” Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

Anatomy of a Democratic midterm freakout,” Philip Bump, The Wire

Florida loss exposes Democrats’ disarray on Obamacare,” Jake Sherman & Burgess Everett, Politico

Reshaping the Right

“The party of work,” Reihan Salam & Rich Lowry, National Review

THE EDITORS: Relevant: “Moving to work,” Eli Lehrer & Lori Sanders, National Affairs

Big Mother is Watching You

“Rhode Island wants to teach your mom how to get your attention on Tinder,” Evan McMorris-Santoro, BuzzFeed

THE EDITORS: This is almost a new low for Obamacare’s ad flacks, but not quite. Not… quite.

Skynet is Watching You

“DeepFace: Closing the Gap to Human-Level Performance in Face Verification,” Taigman & Yang et. al, Facebook research team

Commence Freak Out

“Georgia lawmakers pass sweeping gun bill,” Aaron Gould Sheinin & Kristina Torres, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

From Franklin to Terry

“Putting the Humanity Back in Economics,” Peter Augustine Lawler, Rightly Understood

One Person, One Vote, One Time

“Crimean voters excited to exercise democracy for last time,” The Onion

Bottom Story

“Reid blames Ukraine standoff on Kochs,” Alexander Bolton, The Hill

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