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WEEK IN REVIEW: Uncontested Arrival

We come in peace.

Welcome to the new Week In Review segment, which will be released Fridays on the blog. We envision WiR as a collaborative effort of TAC’s Editors and contributors. Thought- and mirth-provoking articles we stumble across will be placed here, along with an arch tagline. Without further ado, and in the spirit of Russia’s “uncontested arrival”: Bombs away.

This Distinction is ‘Key’

“CNN: U.S. Officials See Russian Incursion into Ukraine as an ‘Uncontested Arrival,’ Not an ‘Invasion,'” John McCormack, The Weekly Standard

Robinson First to the Lifeboats

“In the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. has a credibility problem,” Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

THE EDITORS: “The man who pushes an old lady into the path of an oncoming truck, and the man who pushes an old lady out of the way of an oncoming truck, are not to be denounced even-handedly as men who push old ladies around.” —Bill Buckley, on moral equivalency between the U.S. and U.S.S.R.

Democrats Court Martian Vote

“Poll: A Possible Democratic Disaster in Texas (and Better News for the Right),” Dave Weigel, Slate

THE EDITORS: The primary is over, and Ms. Rogers has lost. A big step back for Martians everywhere.

Abortion May Also Jeopardize Future Enrollment

“Letter to the Editor: Anti-abortion demonstration may jeopardize future enrollment,” Melissa Manson, The Red & Black

If I Only Had a Brain

“The World Has Changed and We’re Not in Kansas Any More,” Samantha Cleare, Georgia Political Review

THE EDITORS: A collection of campus left platitudes rooted in high school debate prep.

American Optimism

“Murica,” Sonny Bunch, Washington Free Beacon

Change We Can Believe In

“How an ancient Greek awakened an undergrad from dogmatic slumbers,” Robert P. George, First Things

THE EDITORS: Fellow Collegiate Network paper Swarthmore Independent reported on George’s campus reception.

Alan Sokal’s Revenge

“Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers,” Richard Van Noorden, Nature

THE EDITORS: Don’t get the reference? Here you go.

Cultural Appropriation (Somebody Call Salon)

“This is what American-themed parties look like around the world,” Matt Stopera, Buzzfeed

Bottom Story

“Jay Carney: No regrets about Team Obama’s dinging Mitt Romney on Russia,” Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner