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An Enduring Evil

(Photo courtesy kattebelletje)

Over at The Red & Black I have a new column concerning the family planning policy in China, better known as “one-child.” I encourage you to read it; I did quite a bit of research into the topic, and what I found was deeply disturbing: forced abortions, unsafe sterilization procedures, the neglect of abandoned babies. Lives ruined.

All generously bankrolled in the 1980s and 1990s by Western population control groups like the United Nations Population Fund* and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. This, by the way, is a fact, however unsettling it is to the pro-choice side. I did not include it in the Red & Black piece because it would have distracted from the more important point of condemning the one-child policy, which is a condemnation that all people of good conscience, pro-choice and pro-life, can get behind.

—M. Blake Seitz is Editor-in-Chief of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE

*The UNFPA gave its first population control medal in 1983 to the Chinese major general who orchestrated the one-child policy during its brutal early years. The medal was awarded jointly with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who presided over her country’s own coercive population control policy during years of severe famine.

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