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Broun’s Big Mouth

Rep. Paul Broun.

Rep. Paul Broun, one of six Republican aspirants for Saxby Chambliss’s U.S. Senate seat, has proved once again that his worst enemy is himself.

Earlier today, Buzzfeed posted a short clip it received from an unnamed source. It contained a portion of Broun’s talk to the UGA College Republicans. While discussing the Transportation Security Administration, Broun offered an anecdote from a trip to the airport.

I went through screening at the Atlanta airport not too long ago, and right in front of me was an elderly lady. TSA pulled her aside and patted her down. Right behind her was a little kid, and he was pulled aside and patted down. Behind me was a person in Eastern dress — a man — single guy traveling by himself — Middle Eastern — and he went right through.

The video ends abruptly, so we may be missing important context. After all, anecdotes like the above are usually succeeded by commentary on the anecdote, which in this case is not provided. Nor would we expect it to be — whoever passed the video on to Buzzfeed is probably not the man’s biggest fan.

But no one should hold their breath waiting for vindication. Broun has a history of unfortunate remarks, including his now-famous remarks about evolution and embryology being “lies straight from the pit of Hell.”

The College Republicans, at least, are not holding their breath. The group released the following disclaimer on its Facebook page earlier this evening.

On behalf of the University of Georgia College Republicans, Rep. Paul Broun and others spoke at our regular meeting on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014. Dr. Broun was a guest speaker, not a spokesman or a representative of the UGA College Republicans. His statements and those of all other guest speakers do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of our organization or its members, nor do we endorse candidates or their views.


I planned to end this blog post by wondering aloud how long it would take for the Young Democrats to issue a mean-spirited tweet about the incident. Answer: They’ve beaten me to the punch! (Although my guess was that the tweet would read “just one more reason to vote for Michelle Nunn in the fall. #BlueGA.” They were too overcome by Schadenfreude to think tactically, one imagines.)

—M. Blake Seitz is Editor-in-Chief of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE

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