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WEEK IN REVIEW: There and Back Again

No snow yet, though. (Hunters in the Snow, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder)

It was a glorious holiday break, but THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE is back and eager to raise the standard again on campus. Here’s how we’ve started out:

Holiday Stories by Elizabeth Ridgeway

Misty-Eyed for America by M. Blake Seitz

Bulwark Lost by Connor Kitchings

Permanent Things by Elizabeth Ridgeway

The Foreign Policy Forecast by Sarah Smith

RE: Permanent Things by M. Blake Seitz

It’s easy to have low spirits after a vacation: decorations are taken down, friends and relatives have departed to opposite ends of the country, and the mundane obligations of life resume. After weeks of merriment, trudging around a cold (cold!) campus between homework-heavy classes does not sound appealing — and it’s several months until a new football season.

But the return to school promises much. There will be new learning and new acquaintances as we delve into classes. Even better, we will once again commune with old friends, professors, and treasured refuges on campus. We will grow in character through calm and storm, stressful Thursdays and blissful Sundays. And we can cheer the Dawgs on the court and balance beam.

We are hopeful — it looks to be a memorable semester.

The Editors