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“The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” by Jennie Brownscombe

Our staff has worked hard to bring you the Winter 2013 edition — 24 pages covering campus and beyond, to be released on Reading Day, December 4. Meanwhile, here’s a review of the material run during our brief hiatus:

An Admiral Sails On by Elizabeth Ridgeway

ON CAMPUS: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens by Brian Underwood

The Other $80 Trillion by Houston Gaines

Moynihan’s ‘One Foreboding Fact’ by Blake Seitz

ON CAMPUS: Vet’s Day Display Sends Wrong Message by Sarah Smith

Freedom, Order, Heritage by Brennan Mancil

A glorious week-long break has arrived, sure to be full of family, leisure and sleep. As the Wildcats skulk in their dens, our thoughts turn to the holiday: we are grateful for our talented and diligent staff, generous supporters like you and, of course, our readers.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those dear to you.

The Editors