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Phonebloks Rises

The Bauhaus movement goes mobile.

To follow up on my piece, “Crowd-Sourcing Capitalism,” from several weeks ago, sources confirm that Motorola recently decided to collaborate with Dave Hakkens and his band of merry men to create a modular mobile platform. Motorola, recently purchased by Google, has been working on a modular phone concept dubbed “Project Ara” for the better part of the past year, so a team comprised of the tech giant and Hakkens’ tech savvy optimists is a no-brainer.

The original Phonebloks “Lego” construction appears to be transforming into a modular slot design, which seems less secure than the design suggested by Hakkens in the introductory breakdown of the Phonebloks design.  Motorola and Google have decided to develop the design in an open environment, which is rather uncharacteristic for tech companies in this particular situation. It does, however, make sense to go straight to the stakeholders for the design of the system, and both companies are wasting no time getting the public involved: Hakkens is currently in a fundraising campaign for product design and ideas while Motorola has announced that it plans to release the development package for the “bloks” later on in the year.

THE EDITORS: In other Chris Donaldson-tech-related news, a mysterious story out of San Fran.

With this announcement, one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of the Phonebloks dream has been cleared.  Hakkens is no longer alone in this venture, and progress is underway.

—Chris Donaldson is a senior studying computer science and physics