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Obamacare Set to Fleece ‘Sacrificial Lambs’

Naïveté on the march. (Photo: LaDawna Howard)

In contemporary times, oppression is rarely inaugurated with the thunder of cannons and sounds of war. Rather, it is greeted with the eager anticipation of throngs of misguided souls who are advocates and activists for their own constriction, and that of others. There are few cases more consistent with this axiom than the widespread support of Obamacare among the nation’s youth.

The reasons for supporting this policy are not of principal importance here. Briefly summarized, the president’s support from young people regarding his health care overhaul directly results from the intellectual culture in the United States. This culture teaches self-sacrifice for the so-called greater good, the political conclusion of which is socialism. Socialism dictates that for a man to pursue his own happiness is an egregious offense against his brothers, who hold a blank check on his life from birth to death. It is the government’s job to ensure that check can be cashed; it is the citizen’s job to not question the government.

Our young people have followed the latter maxim to the letter. So many dove headlong into the Obama administration’s narrative of reduced premiums and better coverage that they failed to logically follow Obamacare’s effects to their natural conclusion, which is the exact opposite of the aforementioned, superficial goals. They did not consider how some of Obamacare’s most popular, and incidentally most destructive and expensive, provisions — including requiring the coverage of persons with preexisting conditions, the coverage of contraception by employer healthcare packages, and the mandate that children be allowed to stay on their parents’ plan until age 26 — would be funded.

Of course the architects of the whole monstrosity have not been so shortsighted. Though they fail to see the ultimate collapse of their grand design (or else are counting on it), they realized the expenses that would accrue as a result of Obamacare had to be covered by someone. Nothing is free, whatever the left’s delusions regarding socialist health care systems, and all those health services mandated by Obamacare have to be paid for in some manner. This is the purpose of the individual mandate. If the group paying into Obamacare (or private insurance companies) is large enough and the group drawing from such plans is small enough, then the premium costs will remain low and the expenses of health plans post-implementation will be covered — so theorize the little minds behind the big problem that is the president’s health care overhaul.

Think critically and it becomes abundantly clear that the young people celebrating the arrival of Obamacare most are those who will be most exploited. They will have their incomes sacrificed to a health care policy which they may have no interest in purchasing — their youth and good health, as well as the high standard of living afforded by the industrialized world, substantially reducing their need for such plans. It is the young who will pay most into the system while receiving the least from it. They are merely wallets to be emptied on behalf of those drawing substantially more from the system. They are, in every sense of the word, a sacrificial object.

While some may be thrilled at the prospect regardless, others — should they be confronted with this truth — would more happily keep their money in their own pockets and deposit it into a savings account, from which they can draw in the case of medical need or for any other expense unrelated to health care. And yet, they are disallowed from doing so. Starting on January 1 of this year, everyone, with few exceptions, must be enrolled in some sort of health insurance plan, or else face a fine.

Fortunately, the fine is relatively small — “less than $100 in some cases,” as reported by the Los Angeles Times. When compared to the hundreds of dollars per month it would cost to enroll in even the cheapest Obamacare plan, an annual fee of that amount may be the more rational option in the long term for many people. That is not to say that the paucity of the annual penalty in any way justifies its existence. No one — young people especially in this instance — should have how they spend their income dictated to them by the state. That Obamacare is a closely impending train wreck only makes the acceptance of this principle all the more pressing.

Obamacare is exploitation in a very real sense. It is a violation of individual rights on a massive scale and ought to be dismantled entirely, along with decades’ worth of preceding, groundwork legislation. Young people should be free to keep their income in their pockets. Those that want the sort of coverage mandated by Obamacare can negotiate with private healthcare providers to attain it, and pay the subsequent costs themselves.

Though not much one for slogans, this author would urge his peers in regard to Obamacare: “Turn on, tune in, and opt out”— far better advice than Leary’s original saying, in any case. But more than that, youths in the United States need to know the truth about Obamacare. They need to know that they are sacrificial lambs that the Obama administration views only as dollar signs to fund a healthcare law that will take more from them and give them less in return than would be the case in a free market. And if it suits their self-interest, they need to know that opting out is a feasible and reasonable option — both keeping money in their own pockets, and hastening this nation’s realization that Obamacare is an immoral, unfeasible policy and ought to be wholly repealed.

—Brian Underwood is a senior studying political science and history

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