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Cheers to Unregulated Beer

“Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” (Photo: Daniel Spiess)

This day in 1978: House Bill 1337, containing a provision sponsored by Sen. Alan Cranston [D-CA]* that exempted homebrewed beer from taxation, is signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. As many craft beer companies (and even a few mega-beer companies, like Sam Adams) began as homebrews, this provision contributed to the multiplicity and variety of beer we, the college students of America, enjoy today. Even if it wasn’t for this salutary effect, it is a victory any time the hand of government is swatted away from personal industry. Now we have only to repeal the thicket of consumption taxes on beer, which, according to the relentless advocates for the public good at the Beer Institute, amount to 40 percent of the retail price of your beverage.

But that is a fight for another day. In honor of this momentous 35th anniversary, go enjoy an obscure craft beer** and — the words sound foreign as I type them — raise a toast to Jimmy Carter.

—M. Blake Seitz is Editor-in-Chief of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE


*Sen. Cranston was rather liberal, but if his quote from the Watergate hearings is any indication (“Those who tried to warn us back at the beginning of the New Deal of the dangers of one-man rule that lay ahead on the path we were taking toward strong, centralized government may not have been so wrong”), he had an inkling of the drawbacks of government intervention. If only PPACA boosters would know the same.

**Editor’s Pick: Highland Gaelic Red Ale.

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