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WEEK IN REVIEW: A Stiff Upper Lip for Midterms

“Willie Gillis in College” by Norman Rockwell.

After a successful tiger hunt, Georgia’s undergraduate population shuffled from Sanford Stadium and straight to the stacks — midterms are upon us.

Here at THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, even our studies did not keep us from a solid week of content and community. On Wednesday, the staff was visited by Dr. Richard Brake of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). The topic of discussion was, “What is Conservatism?” A big thank you to Dr. Brake for his time and wisdom.

MAILBOX: Regarding “Against Scientific Hubris” by reader Todd Pierson, with a response by our own Ryan Slauer

The New Paul by Nathan Williams

Another One Bites the Dust by M. Blake Seitz

Clear and Present Terror by Sarah Smith

Q&A: Steven F. Hayward on Climate Change by M. Blake Seitz

Q&A: Steven F. Hayward on Conservatism by M. Blake Seitz

Truly Pro-Labor by Brian Underwood

Political Heat and the IPCC by M. Blake Seitz

This weekend’s away game versus the hated, gaudy-orange hounds to our north and west will be a needed respite from cramming. Happy travels to those who will cheer on the Bulldogs in Knoxville.