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WEEK IN REVIEW: Hints of Autumn

“Tiger Hunt” by Eugene Delacroix

With cooling air and golden sunshine, we’re excited for game day. As midterms approach, sweeten your studying with some of our recent content:

Deliberation, Not Debate by Samuel Kirk Glaze

College Republicans Host 10th Congressional District Debate by Houston Gaines

Leaking Black Ink by Sarah Smith

A Long Summer for the President by Houston Gaines

Spirit of 1995? by Connor Kitchings

Moderns, Without Mirrors by Blake Seitz

Lagging Leadership by Russell Dye

Against Scientific Hubris by Ryan Slauer

Beautiful Commonalities by Elizabeth Ridgeway

Presidential Care(lessness) by Nathan Williams

Q&A: Ed Lindsey interviewed by John Henry Thompson

Rediscovering Intellectual Conservatism by Brennan Mancil

Now, to answer William Blake’s question –

Tyger, tyger burning bright

In the watches of the night –

Our swift resounding barks and bites

Shall frame thy cowering symmetry.

Go Dawgs! Have a good weekend, everyone.

The Editors