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A Busy Week

Relax — no home game this weekend. (“The Picnic” by Thomas Cole)

It has been a hectic few days as our staff prepares to launch the first issue of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE on Monday, 9/16/13. Look out for 18 pages of insightful and jaunty commentary on campus, national and international issues — and don’t miss the culture and humor sections.

Meanwhile, a recap of the blog content published during our first week:

Dark Horses in 2016: Just the Ticket? by Nathan Williams

Leading from Behind…Again by Houston Gaines

The Lawless Administration by Connor Kitchings

Misplaced Moral Certitude and “The Butler” by William Belcher

Bold Colors and Pale Pastels by Brian Underwood

Hyping the Hyperloop by Christopher Donaldson

Cruzing for a Bruising by Davis Parker

Cur Res Antiquae? by Ryan Slauer

Tradition: Keeper or Reaper? by Elizabeth Ridgeway

Syria and Our State by Russell Dye

Have a good weekend, and we’ll see you Monday with the first issue of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE.

Raising the Standard,