Raising the Standard.

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    Spring 2015

    We're excited to launch the latest print edition. Read it here for the scoop on campus and beyond — let us know what you think at the Contact addresses above.

  • Crowd-sourcing to victory.


    Your funding will allow us to continue distributing a professional-quality magazine to thousands of UGA students. As a contributor to THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, you will be a key…

  • Raising the Standard.

    THE EDITORS: Our Standard

    In August 1948, Whittaker Chambers testified before Congress concerning Communist infiltration of the U.S. government. Chambers, an ex-Communist turned Quaker conservative, said…

    Sound and fury signifying...not much.

    Pipeline Politics


    Last week, the White House reinforced its stance against the Keystone XL pipeline. Amidst Senate efforts to pass legislation allowing TransCanada to build a pipeline from Canada…