Raising the Standard.

  • 22 of the 98 schools in the Atlanta Public Schools District have been failing for the last three years, making them eligible for state takeover under Amendment One.

    Outrage and Overreach: Amendment One to Georgia’s Constitution

    “We have almost 68,000 Georgia students who are required by law to attend a chronically failing school” notes Gov. Deal in a recent video. “I stand firm on the principle…

  • The end goal for this election cycle's two major candidates.

    Why Vote?

    Never before have Americans beared witness to such a controversial and unpredictable campaign season. On one side we have the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump, a brash…

  • archcon


    The Fall 2016 print edition is hot off the presses — check it out online or grab a hard copy at our distribution boxes near the Main Library and the Tate bus stop. Thanks for…

  • Crowd-sourcing to victory.


    Your funding will allow us to continue distributing a professional-quality magazine to thousands of UGA students. As a contributor to THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, you will be a key…

  • Raising the Standard.

    THE EDITORS: Our Standard

    In August 1948, Whittaker Chambers testified before Congress concerning Communist infiltration of the U.S. government. Chambers, an ex-Communist turned Quaker conservative, said…

    Waiting for the moment

    Failed Outreach


    For all candidates for elected office, there is a fine line between outreach and pandering. Outreach is admirable, based on genuine care for issues of importance…