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  • Rural Relegation: The Forgotten Valley of Flyover States

    It's easy to forget about rural America, but it's equally dangerous to ignore the idyllic countryside inhabitants when running for the highest office in the land, as candidates…

  • In Defense of Campus Carry

    HB-280, Campus Carry, has taken Georgia by storm since its signing, but the law is far more sensible than the left believes. HB-280, more infamously known as “campus carry,”…

    On the Usefulness of the Publication


    The staff here have a distinct and unwavering goal: the longevity of a publication that not only facilitates these worthwhile efforts, these lasting memories and relationships, but also serves as a thoughtful voice for articulating the rich tradition of conservatism to the University of Georgia.

    The Rise of the Hip-Right


    The Hip Right represents more than just some ironic hypothetical movement, it represents, rather, those who peruse Pitchfork for their next surf-rock obsession, those who buy local and do their grocery shopping outdoors, and those whose morning routine isn’t complete until their jeans are rolled up enough to reveal a quirky pair of mismatched socks.  

    Paved with Good Intentions


    While T-SPLOST will more than likely pass in the liberal haven of Athens, it should be recognized as a poor measure, paving roads on the backs of the people it claims to serve. While well-intentioned, it falls short of its grandiose promises to aid the poor on paper and will likely fall far shorter in implementation.